Beginner starting Light squedule


I’m a first time grower and Im needing help with how ling i need to have seeds in lights. Some people say to use 18 hrs light and 6 to sleep. I started my seeds at 12 hrs on and 12 off. Am I doing it right? Please help. Would it be ok if I would start them tomorrow in the am instead of tonight. They have been sleeping since 9 am.


You need to give them at least 16 hours of light, but 18 really is the best. If you only give them 12 hours of light per day, they will start to flower too soon and will finish with a very low yield!


Get 18 hours light and 6 hours sleep. With seedlings just make sure there is plenty of distance between lights and tops. What kinda lights do you have? Strain of mj? Auto or photo? Fill out a support ticket and Start a journal with some individually posted photos in natural light and this place will make sure your not disappointed in your first grow but more importantly will give you full confidence in the processes and problems and ensure each of your future grows grow better then the last! Tag me over to your journal by an @Powaforce and I’ll follow along for the ride. :wink:


All you ever need to know is 18/6 until you want to flower and then 12/12 until harvest. Go gentile at first, then when you have 4 leaves turn the light up.

If you have an autoflower strain, just leave them at 18/6 always.