Beginner - should I top my autos?

Amnesia haze, blueberry, and Northern lights. These are what I have. Anybody with grow experience with them? I’ve grown plenty of bagseed and would top them once or twice but my product was never one to write home about!! Thanks


I top all mine. but I grow in coco and plant grows faster than in soil. I also start in solo cups too. Have to be really careful with transplanting so you don’t stunt them. I would only top once though if it has 5 sets of nodes by about 15-18 days


I have grew the mix pack autos great choice I like to top autos one time . That gives the side branches time to catch up and make an even canopy. Most of the time veg time is short. Good luck with your autos


Welcome @mgjw…I have grown 3 different crops of the very same strain…infact I have 2 Amnesia Haze Autos and a Northern Light Auto going now and I like bushes so I have topped them numerous times and they are GROWING like crazy…
It’s a personal preference…but I have been ending up with around 6+ oz per plant…
Good luck and I hope that I spread a little light on the subject…a lot of people don’t like bothering the Autos, because of short life span of around 3 months…but if I determine that they are a fast GROWING plant I top her to keep her in check


I am another topper here also, timing is everything with auto’s


@HornHead has you covered, @mgjw. Welcome to ILGM! :v:


Thanks to the guys and gals helping me out with this topic. I have heard that you really need to watch the growth. I might just try one for my first auto grow. I like this forum and will be back to get informed. I’m from Chicago and we finally go legal 1/1/2020. I’ve been waiting a while for that!


Top them AND, don’t forget to do some LST.

Set to watching as I have Amnesia Haze seeds both in auto and photo seeds. I think I will grow 2 of each once these two pants finish. I want to compare the two.

Welcome to the forum.

Great strain selection I’m jelly.
I haven’t done either yet to be honest but after much research I will be FIM’ing all my autos in the future. Just once and done.
I grow in soil

@MrPeat… That Amnesia Haze that I’m currently growing was topped twice, so go for it.

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I thank everyone who replied to the question of topping my amnesia haze, blueberry, and northern lights. Last night I topped amnesia and blueberry but not northern lights. She is not growing nearly as well as the other two. Probably half the size of others. Nlights auto don’t grow that big from what I’ve read. Is it true that it’s better to top at night rather than a.m? Sorry to go on but I’m hooked on the site. Never thought I would get as much help that was offered - again thanks, I will be back!!

Northern lights can grow very big, depends on genetics and skill of grower/ health of plant.
Amnesia Haze is a taller sativa though so if all is well and the plant is healthy it woild be a great strain to FIM /top.
I woild say FIM the northern lights and leave the blueberry and then next grow you will be able to have a better idea of what works best for you and your situation/current grow.

I just read your other reply.
If a plant is not in optimum health it’s best to avoid stressing it, so stick to LST vs top or FIM’ing.

Strain wise if all were healthy I would personally FIM the amnesia haze, top the northern lights and leave the blueberry. But that’s not going to happen now and it depends on health.

Here’s maybe a silly question but when does the vegetation period start? When it pops, cotydolens , or first serrated leaves?

It’s not a one answer fits all type of question.
Depends on strain, genetics and environment…

When a couple decent leafs and roots take hold, if you were to transplant a photo plant out of a solo cup because the leafs. Hit the rim of the cup that would now be in veg

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