Beginner question

Ok so I have one question. How far down in the dirt do you wanna put your seeds?

Also would you recommend putting the seeds In a wet paper towel to get the seed started or no?

Lastly I would assume rain water is best but guessing spring water is ok?

Thank you for all in put and help

1st soak your seeds in phed water for 24hrs, then I put mine in wet paper towel until a little Tap Root comes out then I split my rapid Rooter in half and then put my seed in the rapid Rooter Taproot down then I bury my rapid Rooter into my medium to the top of the rapid Rooter then just mist the dirt around the rapid Rooter

I germinated according to ILGM instructions and it worked well for me… which means, soak the seeds in a glass of water for 24 hours… then put in soil.

place the seeds only about an eighth to a quarter of an inch deep…or… a half centimeter if you use those measurements… they dont want to be too deep as it interferes with popping above the surface.

my last grow I soaked three seeds,…had one sprout in about six hours, another in less than 24 hours…and the third sprouted in just under 72 hours…

Thanks for the information I appreciate all the help I can get.

My last set of seeds I did the way @Oak suggestion that’s only because they are autos and Autos do not like to be transferred or transplanted I’m sorry and he’s correct I buried them about a quarter inch deep and two days later they were popping up out of the ground

I got the auto. So it should be ok to soak for 24 then plant ?

Read ilgm germination guidelines. If you follow it and they don’t grow then they’ll replace your seeds for free

Thanks @HornHead