Beginner Question - WW Seedling

I planted the germinated WW seeds in a seedling starter tray and it appears the root grew through the bottom water drainage hole. Is this going to create an issue for it to sprout above the soil?!

No. It’ll air prune itself. If you think it’s full enough go ahead and transplant.

What do you mean by full enough? Sorry, when I say im a beginner, I mean a real beginner lol.

He meant if you think the root structure in your starter thing has filled out enough to consider transplanting it into a larger pot

I see yours is in one of those tiny little starter trays but it didn’t really look like the roots have filled out

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You have a root, has your seedling popped thru? If it has and you think it’s safe to transplant, then go ahead. I usually transplant when I have about a 3-4 inch sprout.


Maybe I misunderstood and he meant full plant in general


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The seedling hasn’t popped out yet. I planted them 2 days ago. Which is why i was concerned about it coming out in the bottom.

I would wait until you at least have a sprout before making any moves

If she hasn’t sprouted, WAIT!! As long as you keep about 1/4 in of water in the spirit container you’ll be good. Wait till she sprouts about 3” then transplant.

@LUNITA1stGrow @Mr_Wormwood @Chopps @Budz That’s the tap root growing out the bottom. FYI, @LUNITA1stGrow … Never use clear containers, cups, etc. Bad for the roots.

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Thanks for the information

I have to say, thank you for such great feedback everyone!

Looking pretty good on Day 6, wouldn’t you say? Is it still too soon to transplant?

I personally would, others might have you wait a day or 2

I hate those little starter trays and want them in a final home by now

When you transplant, you’ll want to bury some of that leggy stem some, not so much that your leave touch the soil but you get the idea

Got it. I think the grow bags i ordered are coming today, so I’ll probably do it tomorrow then.

How are they looking? I transplanted them earlier this week. Im a little concerned about the one that looks like leaves have been eaten up-- looked like a couple little green caterpillars were on it, so I think they may have been the cause. Any feedback is appreciated.

Top one looks rough
As long as new growth looks good she should be fine

The others look great

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Is this pre flower stage?

These plants just entered into week 5, so im curious if they look like they’re on track or if it seems slow. Any feedback is greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:.