Beginner question about my leaves and ppm

I. Noobie here. Could anyone explain what’s wrong with my leaves.
600w x 3
Various strains
Gone to 1/4 strength and feed at 700 ppm ish

This one in question is a very old auto. Took 10 week to start flowering. Been about 4 weeks since. This one generally has a higher ppm run off but could this be mildew? That’s powdery stuff and the white and yellow blotches.
Thanks guys if you need more info ask. Thanks

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Not sure on the mildew. Looks like it. I’m sure someone will be along and can tell you.

Maybe @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 can tell.

Do you have fans blowing around your plants? What’s the temp and RH like?

If it wipes off, it’s more than likely white powdery mildew.
Diluted peroxide mixed with distilled water applied to the leaves right before lights out.

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