Beginner Question: 1 plant vs 2-4

This may be a dumb question but why do people grow more than one plant in a 3x3 tent? Can’t you yield the same amount with just one plant since yields are pretty much dependent on the light wattage and space and not necessarily on how many plants you grow.
(Not focusing on other factors right now)

Bingo, my friend.

Some do it to have multiple strains in their cannabis “library.” Others do it just not knowing what a 3x3 is capable of.


2 reasons, really. They want different strains to smoke on and for backup in case you get a dud pheno.


i raise 6 strains, use more that a 3x3- but you get that

Also because it takes way less veg time to fill a tent with 4 plants than 1 plant, difference could be 6 weeks veg to fill a 3x3 tent with 4 plants versus taking 12 weeks of veg to fill it with one plant, faster time to harvest with same yield.


All great answers.

I have a 3x4 but mostly the 3x3 area is usable space and I run 2-3 autos in that space.
I run different strains because I have yet to find what Is my favorite. I can get the best overall yeild in the fastest time with 3 plants.

Like @Hellraiser mentioned the veg time on one photo to fill a 3x3 is not desirable, even if I was running photos of the same strain I would run clones and have 4-5 of them in there, faster veg faster flip faster yeild.