Beginner purple haze grow journal



3weeks into flowering


Stretching out nicely. You have two happy ladies. Looking great for your first grow. Much better than my first grow.


Almost 4 weeks flowering stage


Starting to get nice and frosty. Smelly too I bet. Purple Haze tends to be very susceptible to bud rot. Humidity level should be low. I’m sure you already know this based on what your grow looks like though.


Our humidity is low :slight_smile: Ive kept a close eye on that. :slight_smile:



Starting to get frosty. And orange pistols. Coming along nicely. You did a great job keeping the stretch under control.


Out of curiosity, did you use molasses in your watering cycle? I did that with my indoor grow and the pistols turned orange with in a few hours after watering with it. I’m just wondering if it was a coincidence and just the normal cycle or was it caused by using molasses. I did that to mine at about this stage in growth.


No, i didn’t use molasses. I used fox farm nutrients thats it, besides water. Ive worked hard at making my first grow a success. Hopefully we wil get a few ounces at least.