Beginner purple haze grow journal


I plan on it, since they are pretty short still. You had me nervous, I had to go look for balls. Lmao I dont see those either.


Its a girl as i knew already:-D


Hi, we know who is doing the work.I use dimmable hid,I payed 160.00 for hps 600,mh 600 and the dimmable ballast and its great but I have thought about led.


He definitely doesnt have a green thumb. He showed that within the first couple of weeks, so i took over… I like the LED so far. I do wish i purchased a bigger tent though. That may come… Even though he made mistakes, Ive researched and asked tons of questions if i didnt know the answers or got confused. To say the least the girls are healthy and thriving. I am thinking another 2-3 weeks, I’ll switch them to the flowering stage… I have been trying to keep this journal with exact things I do, so in case there are other new growers they can read through and use the information as well as see the errors or adjustments made…

Next week, Im going to take them from 18/6 light schedule down to 17/7 , im going to gradually move them down to the 12/12, not sure if they need it gradually, but I think it maybe a good idea.


I did a hard switch, from 18-6 to 36hrs of darkness then 12-12. They transitioned fast, but it was my first grow so I have nothing to compare it to. Great looking grow!


1 week @the 17/6 light schedule



Your ladies are looking good. Well done.


I dunno man what’s that wilted clump in the bottom left bottom pic


I don’t see any wilting. One plant looks a little healthier than the other. They are looking very full. You might want to consider trimming up the undergrowth and spread them out some more. Judging by your light schedule you have another five weeks of veg. Your plants are going to be huge by then. Being a sativa PH has a huge stretch to account for when you flip the lights to 12 12 and will fill the tent quickly. If you flip the light now you are likely to have PH for x-mas and cured a bit by new years. Great way to celebrate the new year.


Theyve been on a 18/6 schedule, I thought it was best to gradually lower the light schedule? I could always boost it back to 18/6

They are very full, Im cleaned up the under growth just this evening. I also took off all yellowing leaves that were under. Im pretty impressed with the PH seeds.


I don’t think the gradual decrease in light will make a big difference just prolong veg. If you went to 12 12 right now the plant will push flower and be ready to harvest in about 8 to 10 weeks. Be sure not to veg too long with limited space.


Yesterday 3 days into flowering stage


Looking great. Make sure to continue veg nutes for a couple of weeks to help with the stretch.


I am :slight_smile: ty


Not to shabby for a first time grower.


Not to shabby at all. You can see the love you give them. This is the exciting part watching the buds grow. Stinky in a good way too.


I spend 30 minutes everyday taking care of them, talking ect to them. I think the grow has actually helps with my anxiety. I have read/researched alot. Hopefully I’m able to pull them through this stage without many errors. :slight_smile:


Therapy at its finest. Never realized the peace of mind growing would give me. I miss them a little when harvest comes.


Yea no can’t have that I got 6 behind these and 6 behind this six just rooted and in 18days I’ll take another cuttings and root them got to keep rolling pardon the pun