Beginner purple haze grow journal


They look thirsty to me. They are getting light 24/7 ??? Still need to transplant them into 5 gal. Fabric pots. Water,water,water. BUT NOT TO MUCH, really not that hard. The soil looks really dry, they are thirsty. : (


No, theyre in sun during day. Then at night for the rest of the 18hrs under lights in room, they get 6hrs of darkness a day… I gave them 8oz of water today. We will see what tomorrow brings. Again recommended by an avid grower. I will be repotting in fabric pots as soon as they arrive.


Looking better today. Starting to get some color back. I think that I wasnt giving enough water, after putting in the tent. Still waiting on our fabric pots. Theyre showing signs of progress today…

The leaves above the cotyledons are still pretty yellow though. Not sure wether to leave those or remove?
Also, hubby is wanting to top them, im not sure thats a good idea, while theyre trying to recoup of repotting/tent issue. Suggestions welcome.


Yes, looking much better. Do you have AC in your house ? With this heat I would recommend keeping them out of the tent, or just leave the door open with the fan blowing air around. I wouldn’t trim, or top them yet, but if they keep recovering well, and you get them settled into there new pots, that must be coming on a slow boat from China, then give them hair cuts. Keep lightly spritzing them (like,3 or 4 times a day), they love that. Keep up the good work, see, you didn’t kill them :slight_smile:


Yes, I have AC, we’re still waiting on the fabric pots. Apparently the shipper sent them to the wrong state. However, I can see the shipping details now, hopefully by Friday :slight_smile: hubby topped them 2 days ago.
Ive also ordered the nutes as well as FF for transplanting.


Looking good !


The girls have a new home :slight_smile: we also put them in FFOF soil during transplanting. The FF nutrients have also arrived :slight_smile:

We have added intake air and ventilation.


Today I added a ext cord, so the exhaust fan would be running when the timer shut the lights off, hubby had the exhaust fan plugged into the timer. Here they are today, one looks droopy


Theyre coming along, im hoping they really take off now


I don’t think you used enough soil, those pots should be filled to about an inch from the top, or you won’t have enough room for healthy root growth.


The girls are looking much better : )


Here they are today… @Pat2 theyre still short, was holding off on adding more soil


Wow, they really look great, congratulations, you saved them. Now, don’t wait any longer, fill those pots with soil, so she can get here roots used to her new, and final home. Not sure why you didn’t fill them the first time, it would have saved the girls the trauma of being moved again. Hell, after what they have been through, you will probably have to use a chainsaw, when it’s time to harvest. What did you settle on for a light ? They look pretty happy now. :slight_smile:


It won’t take long for them to get root bound with the lack of soil, especially since they are so happy to explore there new home (why they are so happy now) but that joy won’t last long, and you could stunt there growth if you don’t replant very soon.


After you transplant, I would start feeding her nutrients, “another reason for more soil”. Keep up the good work, they will reward you.


@Pat2 have already done :slight_smile: going to stick with the CFL , we have 8 100 watt cfls right now.


They look thirsty in these pictures. They will grow really well under those CFL’s while they are in the veg. stage, but they simply will not be sufficient to produce the nice firm buds that we are looking for.


I also have a 600w LED. I had just finished lifting up and adding more soil in those pics…

I bought the trio FF nutrients, which do i start with?


I mix my feeding potion in a gal milk jug. The amounts to put in, are on the side of the bottle. You will use BIG BLOOM, and GROW BIG, while you are in the veg stage. When they go into flower, you will start the TIGER BLOOM, and stop using the BIG GROW. And if you can get some more soil in those pots you should fill them to an inch from the top. When she starts spreading out she will need all the room she can get. :slight_smile:


Ty @Pat2