Beginner purple haze grow journal


Hlg, timber grow lights, all high quality efficient lighting.
If you have specific questions I suggest asking dbrn32 he’s the light guru.


I’m open to any suggestions.


You’ll need to decide what your grow is going to be. In a tent? In an open room? What size grow are and how many plants? Then you’ll need a budget. The more plants you grow the more light you’ll need.


We have 2 plants, as of right now they’re in a open room. This is what they look like today after being in a sunny window all dayShould we transplantthem now to bigger pots?.


They’re fine right now. Don’t transplant. Let them get established.

What soil are you using?


Organic Magic dirt


This is what they look like today. They grew during the night :smiley:


Looking good! A little stretchy, but nothing horrible. You can always fill the solo up with a little more soil, help support the little girls. Oh, by the way, what kind of seeds are they? Auto or photo? Are they bag seed, and what strain?


Hahaha, girl, you started a journal by now!!! Lol :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


I got the seeds on this site, Purple Haze. I’m not sure of the other questions. A journal?


We filled the solo cups up with the Magic dirt today as well. I can see by looking at them tonight that they’re growing more each day… husband is going to build something in front of our bay windows, that they’ll get direct sunlight and fresh air at the same time. We’re in for alot of rain this week.

Question: Is Miracle grow peril ok? That’s all our store has for the peril to give the roots oxygen?


Miracle grow soils are not recommended.

Fox farms soils are good, so is pro mix.

Anything with time release fertilizer should be avoided.

Natural light is great, but this time of year it’s not enough. You’ll need to supplement so the plants get at least 14 hours of light. 18 would be optimal.


I just ordered a ebaydotcom/itm/Mars-300W-Led-Grow-Light-Veg-Flower-Plant-Indoor-Hydro-27-27-63-Grow-Tent-Kits/391568771367?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

Hopefully this will keep the two girls happy.I also hope I didn’t buy the wrong kit…

@Pat2 @Stoneythetiger420 @Drinkslinger

7 days old today


I think it’s a good starter tent. You may find it’s a bit cramped for 2 plants, and the light is a bit underpowered. But, you’ll get a feel for enclosed indoor growing and can always upgrade.

You’ll need a small fan or two in there.


That’s what I was thinking, if the kit will keep them alive, I at least will get a feel. We can always upgrade as we go. Plus i want a area i can grown one of my own an let hubby do his, his way. See who can make this happen.

Also, my son says this light is good for one plant, thoughts?


I’ve got the mars 300 next to the HOLLANDSTAR. (hehe look at me, I know the name of my light.) Its not bad. Small. But it will work. When I ran just the mars, I kept it 18 inches off the plant, and threw in a uv bulb from petsmart.


The tent is perfect for you, but the light will not be enough.


Why do her two bigger

leaves seem to be pointing up? Something wrong with her?


She’s enjoying the light…


I must be doing something right :smiley: day 9