Beginner purple haze grow journal

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Hmmmm… Ok. Then just try googling amazon/hollandstar. That should do the trick.

its ok @Vermont, they will be fine , just keep them warm at night and put them in the window facing the sun, and spritz them once in a while with water, plenty of sun. They will be fine in the window for a few days, until your light and tent arrive. I would transplant them into some 5 gal. fabric pots when you set up your tent , that way hopefully, they won’t have anymore stress in there lives for a while. And don’t forget the fan in the tent for circulation. and open all of the vents until you can get an exhaust fan, for $90.00 buck more you can get that with the tent. I would bite the bullet and spend the money now if you can, it will probably save you some headaches later. Good luck, and after all this trauma, you may have some fun before this is over.

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Well said, good sir.

@Vermont, don’t forget about nutrients… The store bought stuff isn’t going to cut it. I use house and garden, and swear by it. But it is a bit expensive.(not the most expensive) But well, well worth it. Just follow the schedule and the girls love it. No need to cut down the recommended dose like with most companies. I haven’t had a problem with nute burn yet.

Growing cannabis can be an expensive hobby.
Sure, one can buy the cheapest lights, skimp on soil and nutes, and still grow a plant. But if you truly want to grow quality indoor buds you’ll have to invest some money.

I initially bought a bunch of Chinese leds from amazon because their marketing was good and internet searches turned up positive reviews. The plants grew ok and the buds were a bit larfy. I found this site and realized that great lights grow great plants. Then I regretted the $400+ I’d wasted on amazon Chinese leds.

You’ll want 35-50 actual watts drawn at the wall per sq.ft of growing space. Most 1200 watt led amazon panels only draw about 250 watts. Therefore they’re really only good for about a 2.5’x2’ tent (5sq. Ft). They’re also usually very inefficient. I.e. They cost more to run.

There are some lights on amazon that are superior. Like this one.

It draws only 100 watts, but is super efficient. Two of those in a 2’x4’ tent will give great results. With the help of @dbrn32 I built a similar light for less than $115. DIY with bridgelux eb strips

Lec are another option, but I have zero experience with them.

If you and your husband want to grow really good weed, do yourself a favor and spend a little up front and choose wisely

We’re all here to help.


I would agree with @Drinkslinger. Amazon is super convenient, but there’s very few “good” grow lights. The majority of the good ones are made here in the U.S. by small companies that price them too competitively to give up the 10-20% in amazon fees and still be profitable. That doesn’t exactly make them cheap though.

Depending on how committed to growing you are, most of the higher end lights will pay for themselves in terms of quality and yield in the first grow. But it is an investment, so take all things into consideration. If you’d like help selecting a light like this, I’d be happy to make a couple of suggestions.

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How about hlg 65? Its a 4000k, and have it priced at 99 bucks

Also a great light, but a bit small.

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So basically any of the hlg lights? Size obviously permitting…

Hlg, timber grow lights, all high quality efficient lighting.
If you have specific questions I suggest asking dbrn32 he’s the light guru.

I’m open to any suggestions.

You’ll need to decide what your grow is going to be. In a tent? In an open room? What size grow are and how many plants? Then you’ll need a budget. The more plants you grow the more light you’ll need.

We have 2 plants, as of right now they’re in a open room. This is what they look like today after being in a sunny window all dayShould we transplantthem now to bigger pots?.

They’re fine right now. Don’t transplant. Let them get established.

What soil are you using?

Organic Magic dirt

This is what they look like today. They grew during the night :smiley:

Looking good! A little stretchy, but nothing horrible. You can always fill the solo up with a little more soil, help support the little girls. Oh, by the way, what kind of seeds are they? Auto or photo? Are they bag seed, and what strain?

Hahaha, girl, you started a journal by now!!! Lol :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

I got the seeds on this site, Purple Haze. I’m not sure of the other questions. A journal?