Beginner Prep List/Advice

Hi y’all! I’m a newbie, never grown anything ever, and I came here to get advice on growing and setups. I’ve ordered 10 ILGM AF Gorilla Glue seeds, a 3x3x6 grow tent, FoxFarm Happy Frog and FoxFarm Ocean Forest soils, FoxFarm trio nutrients, AC Infinity Cloudline T4 exhaust fan with the matching carbon filter, Mars Hydro TS1000, a PH soil reader, and that’s all so far. I need to know if there’s anything else I need to buy, or any advice on anything that I should know BEFORE I start germination. I’m confused about the nutrients because I’ve seen a lot of people say that CalMag is needed along with the FoxFarm tri nutrients. So, what do y’all think, is there anything else I need or any advice you can give me before I start the process?

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Hmm I would say maybe some fabric pots of assorted sizes, 1gal, 3 gal, 5gal. Maybe some spray bottles. I also grow in fox farms but I’m still fairly new. Not an expert. My plants did need cal mg. An oscillating fan helps. A few thermoter/hygrometer. Just asl few things to help. Happy growing and good luck!


Thank you! I’m super nervous/anxious that I’m gonna mess it up. Lol. The exhaust fan I ordered has a digital thermometer attached, should I order another one or a hygrometer anyways? I’ll go ahead and order the CalMag, seems necessary from what I’ve seen most people say on here and reddit. An oscillating fan is a great idea, should I get 2 or would 1 be enough? Goodness, I hope I develop a green thumb!! Lol happy growing to you as well!

That’s a 150 watt light, kinda weak for a 3x3 tent, specially for flowering.

A 4" exhaust fan, the T4 can also be a bit under powered for a 3x3, specially when you put a carbon filter in front of it, really cuts the flow. 6" exhaust fans (like the T6 or S6) are recommended for 3x3 tents where carbon filters will be used.

CalMag will be needed if you’ll be using RO or distilled water, or even really clean tap water.

You’ll also be needing a digital PH meter and TDS meter, the soil ph meters are mostly useless.


Doesn’t ever hurt to multiple thermomemeter. I also use the one your talking about, I usually throw a few all around tent to take multiple readings. Like under canopy, one by the roots. One up above canopy and lights. .

Not sure if you have tested your temp and humidity in tent. May need a humidifier/dehumidifer and also maybe A/C or heater.
I also like these garden ties to tie canopy.

But again I’m no pro. @Hellraiser helped me a lot as he is helping you seems.

Feel free to check out my grow journal I have going on.


Welcome to the community ! I would like to recommend buying a quality Ph digital Meter you won’t be sorry. Apera would be a good choice or blue lab. As @Hellraiser mentioned also TDS meter the two PH meters are about 50 bucks .


Depending where your at and the climate a humidifier and dehumidifier


Someone did say it I think really all the basics are covered

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I went a little crazy even ordered worms and made my own compost bat guano blood meal bone meal

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Should I be purchasing additional lighting? Or would the ts1000 work for 2-3 plants in the 3x3? Also, I kind of figured the exhaust would be kind of puny, but it was at the top of my budget fan-wise, so is there anything I can do to help with that without spending a lot of money?

Lmk how that fan is I want to get one I ordered the vivosun 6 inch instead should have just paid the extra 50 bucks and git it but lmk how you like it

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I definitely will. As of right now, I’m waiting on everything except the seeds to be delivered. I wish I would’ve gotten on here before ordering the fan and light though, because now I’m feeling like they might not be enough.

Sometimes you can cancel or maybe even send back to order new ones if you want to take that route.

I haven’t gotten the tent and everything delivered yet, it’s still in transit. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t ordered the fan and light till I had talked to peoples on here. I pretty mich maxed out my budget on this, so I’m hoping I can fix the lighting and fan issues that @Hellraiser mentioned relatively cheaply. Ugh. It’s already so stressful and I haven’t even started yet.

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I’m in the same boat I have a small tent now so not really but I git my new tent in waiting on the bigger fan and scrubber To come in so I can setup the new tent and new light I got it sucks too cause they came in once but someone stole them off my porch got home 1/2 too late now I have a camera facing outside

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That should be enough to cover a 3x3 anything bigger may need a bigger light

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Yeah, unfortunately that fan can barely produce negative pressure in a 2x2. Makes a great intake fan. I would bump up to a 6”. It’s quite incredible the difference between the ac infinity 4” and 6”

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That’s why I moved up to the 6 inch I have a 4 inch now in a 24x32 and not doing much I’ll use the 4 inch to blow air into the new tent and use my 6 in to draw it out

for autos you just need 5 gal pots, plant directly into them. you need a fan to blow on your plants, you need some ph up and down

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with autos i like using just ocean forest, scoop out a handful where you are going to plant the plant and fill it with happy frog or seedling potting soil and then you want need to fertilizer till bloom