Beginner photo period seeds

This is my first grow and I made the mistake of starting out with the beginners mix pack…I found out that these seeds are feminine photoperiod type wherein I should have started out with the auto flower for an easier grow…now I’m going to be challenged with the lighting schedule which kinda frightens me a little but at the moment that’s not my biggest concern and I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it if I do everything correctly to get them to that point…at the moment my biggest concern is the temperature and RH and if I can get a few tips on the light wattage for in soil germination that would be great I’m using the HLG 350R light fixture and I’m in a 2x4x6 grow tent with the ACINFINITY cloudline T6 exaust fan …I’ve heard many different techniques that range from having humidity between 50% and 80% and I’d like to get get my ranges a little tighter than that because I’m using an inkbird humidity controller with a humidifier and dehumidifier so the wide tolerances don’t work for me too well…the temperature I heard should be between 70°f to 75° which isn’t difficult for me to stabilize and last but not least I heard the light should be 18" away from soil pumping around 50 watts for starters…if I can get some accurate information on these conditions I would greatly appreciate it because I need some serious help on my first grow…LOL…many thanks in advance :blush:


I did autos my first time and just dropped photo seeds. Autos are very finicky and have very little recovery time. I’m gonna say you accidently made the right choice. You have more control of the grow cycle. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Yeah don’t be afraid of photos man, they are actually easier so you are good to go I promise you…


Autos are fine and you may feel like they would be better for a beginner, but being a beginner photo’s will allow for possible beginner issues to be resolved before taking them to flower. So I wouldn’t worry about that. As far as temps and RH, there’s really a wide range. There’s something called VPD, vapor pressure deficit, it’s the temps vs RH that you want to try to achieve at different stages of growth. If you can get your environment close great, if not it’s not a huge deal. Mainly you just don’t want to allow temps into the high 80’s and 90’s if possible. That’s stressful to plants, but not a complete deal breaker. I’m going to post a VPD chart. It lists temp ranges and where the corresponding RH should be during various stages of growth. Again these are the idea conditions, not absolutes.


I agree, you are probably better off with the photos.

Good luck with them!


Hey! I did the same thing haha I’m happy about it now however, got 1 of each strain in paper towel now


I grew autos for 2 years until my last grow GDP Fem. photo and now I’m hooked on Feminized photo’s. Like the others said you have more time to correct any problems you may wined up having.


Look at bright side. Clones. Like the plant… clone 5 or 6 copies and keep 4 best.

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You just need keep your light on a timer (which you should have one wether you are growing autos or photos.
You switch the hours on your timer to 12 on 12 off one time and your done.
Not hard at all I think you are better off starting with photos
Good luck


Agree with the rest a good mistake to make nothing against autos but photos give you the ability to recover from a problem in veg good luck

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I really appreciate :pray: this information but me being a noob looking at this chart reminds me of just how much of a noob I am…I’ll do more research so I can understand what the chart is saying in reference to time periods and light quantities and other references…but for now the chart to me is like looking at ancient hieroglyphics…but I will keep the chart for future references…I’m sure it will come in handy once I have a better understanding of what it represents…thanks again

Until I can really understand the chart i have my humidity controller set to 65% RH and dehumidifier set to 70% in my 2x4x6 grow tent…I would like to know if there is an ideal target humidity for in soil germination…I just planted them in rapid rooter plant starters seated in 5 gallon cloth pots early this morning…please help and thanks in advance…oh and my temperature is always between 70° and 75°F…

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Less is more as a beginner. Keep the first runs alive. Nothing fancy. Learn them. Once you are comfy…start improving them. Soon just a routine. I am more fortunate than a lot as I am retired and this is my hobby/meds. Plenty of time. Big dank buds…expect that after a round or 2. If get it right first run…well done. Left me in the dust.

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Whenever I see my plants start to peek out of the dirt should I start the light schedule and what should it be…at present my light is 18" away from pots…I have photos growing in 5 gallon pots…thanks in advance fellow farmers

Do not fry them. Light for me around that time is 24 inches or better depending on lights i have up. Since a photo can veg a bit for bigger yield patience is the key. Nothing happens fast and if it does find out why. I would suggest grow them pretty straight up for first time. Steal clones from each 1 and try an lst next or sog or whatever you like. Keep clones going can play around all you want.

Thanks for the valuable information :+1:

Seeds in medium technically don’t need light until the break ground. A T5 fluorescent light is ideal for seedling development(blue light waves) I also use my MarsHydro or Wills 1000 dimmed down. You’ll want to keep them covered to create a humidity of 70-75% with temps high 70-to low 89’s. Young seedlings will absorb the moisture through they’re leaves (humidity) I keep them in a dome for 10-12 weeks to get those roots growing. I’d you don’t have T5 I would follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on height. I use a light meter app to adjust my lighting by the different growth stages :love_you_gesture:

[quote=“OGIncognito, post:18, topic:78232”]
I keep them in a dome for 10-12 weeks
[/quote] I think you mean 10 to 12 days.

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Yep, I think at 12 weeks they’re tallest bud would be sporting a solo cup for a hat :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks guys for all the good advice and suggestions :pray::pray::pray::blush::blush:…and after 3 weeks from dropping the seeds into the dirt I believe these girls are healthy and thriving…I water them like every other day but try not to let the medium dry out…I haven’t started feeding them yet but I believe after a month I start feeding and LST and topping them …but so far I have my fingers crossed for a good seed to harvest 1st grow…again thanks fellow farmers…