Beginner, outdoor update pre-harvest

Hi all,
finally having some success.

I have a question. This plant comes from a Sativa variety bred years ago. The seed is 15 years old, approx. These seeds sprouted within two days, in jiffy pots, in the dark, on top of the HW unit. Can the plant genetic makeup be diagnosed from plant tissue? And if so who does this type of work?

I have tried to contact a company called Montana Biotech, who claim to provide the service, but there is no reply. Bummer…


Maybe one of these guys can help. @MacGyverStoner @Aquaponic_Dumme @garrigan62 @ILGM.Roy nice plant

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Yes, the there are companies out there, like that offer genetic mapping.

Hi Y’all,

Im looking for some feedback. I am close to harvest, the trichomes on the above plants are milky white, approx 80%. Photo’s 16 days ago. I want to let them go another 1 to 2 wks, BUT on the above plant there are virtually no green leaves left, only yellow and they are dropping fast.
Again, the plants genetics are a bit of a mystery. Other than knowing the plant is Sativa dominant. From approx 15 yr old seeds.

So my question is: Can or will a plants flowers/buds keep maturing if there is no/or very little new green leaf growth?

This harvest I wanted to wait for the trichomes to be a 50/50 mix of milky white and amber, opposed to milky white and still some clear. The plant is at the start of it’s 16th week. The nights are often cold and getting colder(Tasmania) below 50 F’ and we are coming into a week of rain and cold(autumn down here guys). I have had a few small spots of mould/bud rot(10 days ago) on the plants, after 1 week of very humid conditions. I removed the affected buds.
The next 7 days the temp’ is going to average 50’F, with nights down to 40’F, and days at 60’F, with showers.
I keep a grow journal, I want to improve each grow. Next yr I am going with ILGM seed suitable for my climate. I want to know what to expect at each stage of the grow.

Look forward to any replies…

A picture would be wonderful.

Remember that you want there to be deficiencies this late in flower. There won’t be much sugar production without leaves but the plant is starting to die. This is normal and you really really REALLY want all of the nutes leached out of the plant prior to harvest. I would be on a water only diet now and watch the trichomes closely for your desired harvest point.

Good luck with the bud rot: it’s nasty stuff!