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Hey guys, Im a new fella’ to the growing world. Im a farmer but successfully growing marijuana is a new endeavor for me. Basically just looking for guidance in how I should go about this process. I read the grow bible and it really helped. I just received my shipment of high end fem seeds from the UK. I have 2 gorilla glue, 1 blackberry fem, 1 ice bomb fem, 1 berry bomb fem and train wreck fem. I own about 300 acres and I was just going to ask you veterans about what I should be doing now to ensure the best crop possible. Thanks in advance!


Welcome to ILGM. I don’t grow outdoors. Too many problems with critters. I’m sure there are a few guys that can help here. I’m a vet in a very pot hostile state, so I have to grow indoors. I am learning microbes and minerals are the foundation to absolutely badass yields. I would look at those things outdoors.


Welcome ot our friendly community.

We have some great growers, a great staff, and we look forward to helping you grow successfully from start to finish. :slight_smile:
First we need to establish what method you plan to use and we can start from there.

Happy to help. lw :santa:


Hey fellow Georgian,
Welcome to Ilgm, the best forum in the world!!
I too hail from the peach , however my experience is indoors what Lil bit I know
I can advise you to download the grow bible, and study the guides.
Also there’s a bunch of journals on here to thumb through to see what works and what don’t for others.
Plenty of help and info here…
Dig in


Thanks! you guys are already awesome! last year I planted 4 fems just to make sure I was able to handle it, as a trial run. I was able grow them about 4ft before i had to return to college so I wasn’t able to see them fully develop. This year I will not be in school so i can dedicate 100% time. What are you guys thoughts about doing soil samples? If so, what pH, nitrogen, and phosphate levels should i be looking for?

Hey there and welcome,
Iam outdoor grower in Norther California, used to live in Florida so I visited Ga many times…
Look, outdoor growing is fun, you said you farmer so as long as you can grow tomatoes, you will grow MJ successfully…
I be close by if you come across some problems just ask…
Guys here are awesome growers, you come to the right place…

Happy Growing !!!


Welcome to the ILGM community @Goatman. Wow that is alot of acreage!! Sounds like you are going to have an awsome season!! Like @Ragnar said If you have had any success with your farming back ground you are gonna have some awsome Cannabis plants and that is great you will have 100% of your time to tend to them because you are gonna need it.
Think your biggest issues are gonna be critters and rain and humidity. But if you have the time to dedicate to them you are gonna love it!!


I start mine in small cups around the middle of April in the window seal. I’m an outdoor grower also and a little north of you. I grow in 5 gallon buckets " so when the choppers start flying, I can move them." with some holes drilled in the bottom and about an inch of gravel, then buy plain potting soil no nutrients in it and fill my buckets. I use Fox Farms Trio pack, keep Epsom salt on hand if they start turning light green or get spots. Also, have neem oil on hand for bugs and it really works. All of my test meters got stolen last year, so I winged it and had good results. One more thing that I have learned is to not over think your grow that will make you miserable. Also, if you can grow a row of corn, etc, you can grow cannabis, it’s called weed for a reason. Good luck growing.


Very well said, indeed :wink:

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Welcome! Your problems are as everyone stated. Consider companion plants to help with bugs & a shotgun for the two legged pests