Beginner needs some tips

Question from a fellow grower:

I am growing for the first time , I am just 3 weeks in and so
far so good. I am using the biocanna line for soil and fertilizer.
I know my name is famous, but unfortunately I am not the famous one .
I am growing jut 2 plants now they are auto flowers.
White widow and northern lights . I’m using led in a tent
Any advice would be welcome.
I live in a apartment s I may need to get a carbon filter or something
to keep the odor to a minimum.

Thanks again

I suggests a good digital PH water tester and a PPM meter to test your water , if you don’t already have them . What kind of LED light do you have ? What size is your tent ?

Yes a carbon filter is a must if you don’t want anyone knowing what you have going on. Before to long they could be stinking up your apartment and the apartments around you. If all else is going well continue on with what you’re doing. I agree with Seeddog about the ph tester.

pH meter and ppm meter are CRITICAL. If you don’t have these 2 things right, nothing else matters

PH n PPM need to be checked daily. Affordable meter sets are online for $20

Hard to grow without them.

After you get the testers you should fill out a support ticket and download the symptom checker. You will have questions and issues with your first grow. If you don’t then all is good. These are two helpful tools


Do you have a brand name you’d recommend for the 2 testers?

@Psu8286 I bought two of the cheaper PH testers , they work , but I really like the Apera PH20 . It worth the extra few bucks .As far as PPM meters I have a cheaper one and it works fine .

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apera ph60 combo meter is pretty cool. its pricey but you can save over time with replaceable probe tips. i have one arriving tomorrow. it should be a game changers

This for $10.98 ph meter only. Box Paradise Digital pH Meter for Water with 6X pH Buffer Powder, 2 Batteries, Case and E-Book at amazson. part # ph 02