Beginner needs help


Question from a fellow grower:

Here is my ww 11 days old,advice needed on where do I go from here. When
do I start nutrients, using flora 3 part system, how often should I
water. I’m using cfls, how long before transplanting and into what size
pot? Any advice is welcome d.


When I used cfls, I kept the plant trimmed to control height. I would wait for two weeks after transplanting before you top and train. As far as transplanting, you should see roots coming out of the holes and the soil is showing a need for more water, then just plant them in their forever home. The pots you are using are large and the plant is small so you should not have to transplant for awhile. Just keep an eye on the root development. If that soil is starter soil and you don’t need to transplant, I think you can start using nutrients if the plants are 2 weeks old or older. They have all the nutrients they need during the first few weeks which is a genetic trait for survival. Go for 1/4th of the flora 1st part and gradually work up to the desired percentage. I typically only go 1/2 max and add hydrogen peroxide to my ph appropriate water. Make sure your water is PH correct. I like about a ph of 6.6. As far as when to water, stick your finger into the soil up to the first knuckle and if it is still moist, don’t water.


First I would like to welcome you to ILGM. Feel free to ask questions anytime thought your grow. We have a lounge where we all get to know each other with grow questions


The only thing I will add to what yiou said which was right on is for this person to wait till the plant has 4 to 5 true sets of leaves before adding nutrients.



What strand? Auto or no? # of lights and strength of each one?
For 11 days it honestly looks normal…might seem like it’s growing slower at 1st but it will take off soon…if it’s auto don’t worry about nutrients yet.
Have you been keeping a fan next to it? Keep a fan close blowing directly on it with medium speed…u should see that stem thicken and/or stiffen up…other than that it’s very early so don’t look to fix or disturb anything unless you are certain u have a problem…if it’s not an auto then wait till u see roots coming out the bottom…as soon as u see any sign of them coming out