Beginner needing help

This is my first time growing. I have 2 small pots so 2 plants. Started growing 7/1/2020 so they are about 8 weeks old, White Widow Fem auto flowering seeds. I need some help but am not sure how to get it. The plants I am growing are inside and I do use natural light but when there is no sun I put them under a lamp with LED bulb 950 Lumens. The plants are about 18" high and have 9 sets of leaves. They just started flowering the other day. Also some more leaves are coming in at the joint where the leaves are coming out of the stem so starting to fill out . I did have some problem with reaching at the beginning but when I got the light this seemed to resolve.Not sure if what I am doing is ok.I am thinking that the plant compared to others in photos I have seen seem small and skimpy. Please help

Need to see pics to help really! :sunglasses:

trying to figure out how to add pix

There’s a little pic in the bottom right hand corner of the reply box you type in. Hit that and upload.

Sunlight thru a window is usually not adequate unless you have a south facing bay window with lots of exposure.
If you are going to grow inside you will need good lights.
And yes, pics will help. I believe for new members there is a short waiting period before you can upload a photo. Also you are limited on how many messages you can post for the first day.
Welcome to the forum… :grin:

Thanks can’t find a link to post photo

Yea, you need a better set up buddy. She looks stretched. And she’s starting to flower. Ask around and get some help. Lots of it here. Forgot to welcome you before! So welcome!

Yep, Needs better light.
But really not bad looking other than that.
Its all part of the learning process.


Thanks for the welcome! What kind of lighting do you suggest? I don’t want to spend a fortune so didn’t order the light ILGM has for sale. Do you think it is worth it? did a search on lights but didn’t understand it so I went for the LED setup I could find at Lowes in a corner of my room. Do you think it will make a difference now?

Lets start with what are you looking to grow.
1 or 2 plants at a time or more?
Do you have a budget / limit?
Lots of resourceful people here can offer up ideas.
Lighting is the one place you want to get right.
There are options of course, but good lighting is not cheap lighting.

Yes to start just 2 plants at a time. Budget is not a problem financially but this is a new hobby not sure if I want to invest a lot .

My first plant looked like the one you have. This is a different hobby with a good light. I went from what you got going on. To this…

With a lot of reading and a decent light.

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Wow what a difference!!! They are beautiful!!! I was thinking that I would like to get another light. For just a few plants at a time maybe getting a small tent what light would you suggest?

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Can you tell me if Erligpowht 45W LED RED and Blue is ok to use rather than just the Classic LED 75 watt floodlights over my 2 plants? I forgot I bought this years ago and found it in my closet. Never used it.

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The horticulture lighting group 135 r spec would be great for a 2 x 2 ish size tent. If would really depend on budget and tent size

is this the one you suggested?

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That is the one. It’s not the only option. What exactly did you mean by small tent. That informs the light decision.

If you go with that one coupon code “dude” will knock off a few bucks.

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Just big enough for 2-4 plants