Beginner Mixpack - White Widow

First post here and first grow! Having some difficulty figuring out a potential issue…

I first purchased the Beginner Mixpack which comes with 5x feminized White Widow, AK-47, and Bubble Gum. Started off with White Widow. On the bag it stated feminized, not autoflower, but around Day 70 it started showing hairs at the bud sites. Light schedule has been 18/6, with a couple weeks of 20/4. Light has been 18-20" from the top consistently with temps avg 77, with highs of 80 during the day and lows of 65 in the evening. rH at the lowest is 35% and highest of 50%.

Here are two pictures of some of the bud sites at 25 days of flowering. It seemed kind of light for 3 weeks, but I am unsure. Torn on what to do with lighting since it started flowering automatically without me doing anything, unless something happened without my knowledge.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Greatly appreciate everyone’s input and thanks so much in advance!

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Plant looks good. You can see the trichomes is starting to develop on the leaves. :+1:

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Drop the light schedule to 12 on/12 off. If photoflower, she will pop.

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That plant does not appear to be flowering to me. The hairs are signs the plant is ready to flower but it is not actively doing so. Node spacing looks good; you just have to decide when the plant/plants are large enough to flip to 12/12. But I don’t think you have autos.


thank you guys so much! appreciate the advice/ quick response. excited!

how do you determine large enough? she’s currently 21" tall…

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I run a 12/-2 from start to finish. So I don’t flip. But at 21” tall, I say flip it to 12/12. She will continue to grow. :+1:

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Tent size, distance to lights, length of time you have etc all play into that question. Plants stretch after the flip to as much as 50% so your plant could be 30" tall. If you can go taller then that means higher yields. If you have inadequate light I’d keep em small to see how your setup works.


makes sense! currently using a viraspectra 450W LED… been thinking of upgrading to a mars hydro 1000W. I have a 3x3x62" tent. not sure if it is recommended to switching lights during a grow.