Beginner misstakes

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Now its allmost 4 weeks since i planted this seeds.
I replanted them and moved them out to my greenhouse since last question.
Its still frost some nights so i have a carosine burner in the greenhouse so its between 15-25 C dgr inside. In some days the sun is strong, then the windows open up. And in the night i use my LED panels so they get as much light as possible.
But they are still not happy plants!
I read and read all i can, to learn how to do, but still i do wrong.
The branches are bending down and they look sad, the bottom leavs are dry and brown.
To me its to little water, but they are really wet. The soil are wet in the pot. It has happend all week now, but when i give water they look happy again. But they are so wet, and they warn for to much water…
Pls look at my pictures and tell what i do wrong.

to me looks like over watering. Does water drain out the bottom of pots when you water? Let the soil dry before watering. I shove my finger in the edge to see, and you can weight the pot or lift it to see if it’s light or heavy. Just from my mistakes I’ve made. I mix perlite and fish tank rocks with my soil so it drains fast. I’m on a budget. Anyways good luck, there guys on here that know way more then i.

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Im afraid you are right.
The pots have holes and are not standing on a plate, so they drain straight out.
But the soil is wet, i shuld have put perlite in. The soil is draining verry slow.

What are temperatures day and night, a big factor of all what is your ph and are you feeding also @JJ.chronic.clones is right soil should dry before watering again to allow roots to get oxygen


The temperature is on a cloudy day about 20 on a sunny day its 25-30 and at night its about 15 some verry cold nights it has been 10 C dgr. The soil was the best plant soil i culd find and i boiled it before so i did not get any suprices on other things in the soil.
The Ph i dont have messure for that yet, sorry.

Hi, A plant that is over or under watered can look the same. You can get a moisture meter from Amazon that should help you.

Take care.


Temps should definatly come up that’s for sure atleast to 60 during day and 55 during night, try to invest in a ph meter asap, out will come in great hand and be in user all the time, and i really don’t think it’s under watering, i personally think it’s a ph problem allowing with over watering and temperatures day and night

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