Beginner Lost in Germination


Yea man having them close by helps a lot and saves some aggravation for sure


But moving closer is a Whole new set of Aggravation’s, Neighbors that just moved in across the street are Crack head’s, one’s in back of me are Straight laced,they call cops for Just fireworks, and My son’s load A$$ Car, and Sheriff helicopter every other week


Sounds like a pain in the ass neighborhood to live in I’m sorry hopefully the crack heads don’t last long


Before them and another house on that side of street, This was Awesome,we are all older and smoke, 5 of 7 on this street get High and watch out for each other
Sucks we can’t give address’s out here,I’d Mail you alittle something something LOL


Yea I’d love to be able to help people out like that Haha just start going names and find people on social media lmao


Only an idiot would use the same screen name twice, for exactly that reason. Be smart people, don’t get caught!


We suffer heavy losses outside, but the successful harvests make up for the Hell we endure!

Looking good, Brother! Glad my images loaded for a change…


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Well Been awhile for update’s
Outside are Not doing Good at all

OG Kush in Tent

2 WW Clones

cali Kush

LSD that I had to take top cola off cuz of Mold

WW 1

WW 2

Gold Leaf 1&2

WW 3&4
Looking at other people’s outside plant’s, Not sure why Mine have all them big bud’s?
Not sure when there going to be Ready for Harvest?


I’m trying to NOT compare too much to others grows. There are just so many variables from growing mediums, light, water, nutrients, etc. and no two will ever be totally alike. On top of that when growing outdoors you never know what Mother Nature will throw your way. Those are the factors which I have been experimenting with this year and noting so that I can make what adjustments I can for next year and adapt to my particular environment. The most important thing is learning to “read” your plants and that comes with experimenting and experience. :hugs:


I think there must be ruderalis in those genetics. Even in shade that seems the likely reason. A photo shouldn’t have buds like that at this time of year.

I agree with @SmoknGranny about comparing my grows against the grows of others. It can lead to frustration and disappointment when you don’t have that green thumb.

My girls don’t look good compared to others I see here. Even plants belonging to new growers and I have been growing weed for years. In the end, I will still have better smoke than I can buy!

To know when to harvest, you really need magnification of the trichomes. 10x can get you in there, but I feel 40x is the best for determining when they are ready.


I have not even been looking at it with a magnifying glass, I was thinking they won’t be ready to pick for month’s, Guess i’ll have to get out there and look