Beginner Lost in Germination


Thank you I have 5 Amnesia Haze Autoflower started,Put them in water(This is Before all the Great Advice Here) did the cup of water,but was not warm,then put them in paper towel in a Ziplock bag in the dark, Nothing was happening after 3 day’s so now there sitting on top of a lamp but not in Dark spot but are warm,1 has started to open other 4 nope,
Really praying they will start to open soon otherwise that’s a couple hundred dollars down the drain
Thank’s Alot Guy’s
Live and Learn


OK I can Officially say I Suck ass at getting seeds to Germinate
Out of 25 seeds ( Of Different strains) I only have 4 that started to grow,I do the cup of water then paper towel on heating pad,They crack open,Have little tails I put them is stating pods,They start then die

I Will Get the hang of this, I Hope Before I go Broke from buying seeds from ILGM,
I Almost want to ask for my money back or new seed’s


I would say it’s not that you can’t germinate, rather you’re having trouble keeping your germinated seedlings alive. Most likely you’re over or under watering them when you put them in the cup to grow. Those little seedlings need some light too, a T5 is perfect to get them to the next stage of life. It’s also possible you’re damaging the tap root when you move them from paper towel to cup. I think you should eliminate this step, instead try taking the soaked seed and pop it straight into the cup of grow medium. You don’t need to see the tap root for it to grow, the seed knows what to do all on its own and you don’t risk damaging it. I’ve had 100% germination success using this method. :slight_smile:


Thanks Raustin
I have them under an LED 30 w grow light that Has Veg and Bloom,in grow tent i’ll have a 600w led with veg and bloom switch
Could I be using wrong light? I have it on Veg,Thinking that’s for growing and Bloom for buds?
I Also have Tried a led full spectrum


No, you’re right, veg is for growing, bloom is for buds. So, what could be your problem here? You said you’re using a heat mat to germinate. Are you keeping the seedlings on the heat mat, and are you using a thermostat to regulate that heat? Its possible your frying your seedlings with heat, or not giving them enough water to compensate.

A 30 watt LED should be fine for seedlings, but there’s no law saying you can’t put them under the 600 watt LED. As long as the lamp isn’t too close it should be fine. Though I’d still prefer a T5 or CFL for seedlings, I think you should try them under the 600 watt.

Also, a picture of your latest setup would help figure out what the problem is. Don’t worry, I’m determined to get you past a healthy seedling and into vegetation. :slight_smile:


I’m Trying to post pictures but am having a hard time where to put them
Sorry I’m Old school, I Have a Dumb phone,Only talk and Text LOL

ok Those are the lights i’m using, Have Not used the big 1 yet Just got it yesterday,and just made Tent today
Now all those pods in that tray
amnesia haze auto flower, The one’s in the middle are White widow
And not sure if frying them as I keep the towel wet at all times,even in middle of night


Much respect Raustin
Lost a couple pics there


Okay, it looks like the two seedlings in the little pods are stretching, so let’s get them under the big LED lights set on veg. Take a look at the bottom of those pods to see if there are roots coming out 'cause it looks to me like they are ready for a transplant. Since these are autos you’re going to have to transplant them into their final pots. What are you planning for size pots and soil? I’ll bet that thirds little seedling is ready too.

Now those three potted plants aren’t looking too good. They look like they’ve lost leaves and are also stretched. So let’s get them under the big lights too and try to save them.

How are you on Ph and temperature meters? If you don’t have any get them now along with an EC meter. Sorry, but it’s the only way to take control of your grow.

Let me know when you’re all ready to transplant and I’ll walk you through it… Yes, I’ll hold your hand. :sunglasses:


Now the little pods that are stretching have No roots coming out the bottom,and they are under a Led full spectrum light,The little one’s are white widow not auto
There’s 5 of the amnesia haze auto flower in those little pods that Never started,Put them in water,they dropped to bottom,I put them right into that pod(Cuz I Had no luck with the paper towel thing) I Got nothing to start

I Just put the 3 bigger one’s in the bigger pots a day ago,so was thinking they are under stress from trans planting,and those are the auto Northern lights

It just Frustrates me cuz thats about 200 bucks down the drain
I’ve been using Distilled water,my PH meter just came yesterday,have not had the time to read up on it
Dirt is Organic potting mix
Temperature meter Just came in but have to go get it
Not Sure what an EC meter is

I Have abunch of chemicals from ILGM but have not found how to mix them
Last 3 days Have been Hell so finally getting back to this post
what I’m gonna put them in is about a 5 gallon pot,well it’s from Kitty litter

And Most Of All
Thank You


Awe, I feel for you, @Rick3. It can be very frustrating to have expensive seeds not germinate. If you have any seeds left you should try again and don’t give up. Meanwhile, let’s try to keep what you have alive so it’s not a total loss.

Ok, 5 gallon pots are perfect. Drill some big holes in the bottom and make sure it’s clean. Do you have soil yet? Now would be the time to get it ready 'cause the plants won’t wait when they’re ready. I think the problem is your plants are having trouble growing roots. That’s why they can’t support themselves very well. But I think the new lighting should help them a lot, so let’s give them a day and see if they look any better tomorrow.

Also, now that you have your Ph meter make sure you test the water your using. Don’t water your plants with distilled water! Tap water Ph-ed to 6.5 is what they need.


Yes I still have Seeds, But I Really wanted the auto flowering plants to work
I Still have
5 Gold Leaf
15 white widow
5 california Kush
5 OG Kush
I’m Scared to try and start other’s cuz not having any luck with other’s


Ok, put the seeds in the refrigerator for now, in a dark light-proof container. Let’s get these plants going first as a test run. Then you can go back and start more seeds.

You’ll get the hang of this, I promise.


Thank You So Much
I Appreciate you taking the time to help me


I want you to try these seed starting pods. I’ve had 100% success with them and they’re not too expensive. You should get them before you try to start any more seeds.

Seed Starter Pods
This also couldn’t hurt…


Thank you, your order has been placed.


Excellent! I think these new plugs will help you in your germination and the dome will keep the humidity up. Also, do you have your Ph Up and Down kit? If not you’re going to need it to regulate Ph? I hate to tell you to buy more stuff after spending so much, but this is really crucial. Ph kit

So today take some pictures when you get a chance and try to get some closer shots of the plants. I know it’s hard for you to upload the pics, but it’s really the only way I can tell what’s going on.


went thru the medium and only found 9 seeds, Some where cracked open but did Not grow, So the one’s that didn’t crack open I put in cup of water
and Raustin here’s some picks for you, Oh Yeah 1 in the middle Bent in half so that’s way it looks funny, It’s going to be Really hard for me to control of Humidity as I live in (God’s waiting Room) LOL Florida

ok out of 20 seed’s I


Ok, first, 86°F is too hot. Put a small fan in there to try and lower the temperature, you want to aim for 77°F.

Do you think they look any better after putting them under the big light? They still look a little weak to me. Those peat pods you’re using aren’t doing them any good and they look awfully wet, let them dry out a bit. Do you see any roots yet?

It’s possible some of those seeds will still germinate, but don’t be disappointed if they don’t. Did you get your new rooter pods yet? You can put those seeds in them if they do germinate.

Also, when you water the potted ones try to water away from the plant close to the rim of the pot, that way the roots have to spread out to find water.


Looks like you have them going?

Next time, try a domed propagation tray with a heat mat. I get 90%+ germination rates, everytime.


Gonna have to get another small fan, Living if florida is gonna be hard to keep temp and humidity down