Beginner Lost in Germination


Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA- Northern Light’s Auto- Amnesia Haze Auto flower-Pakistan chitral Kusk

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Have no Idea what coco is?

System type? Starting seeds

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? bottle water

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS None

Indoor or Outdoor indoor

Light system, size? grow light

Temps; Day, Night 75-80

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

I Started All seeds in a cup of water until they dropped to bottom, Then used paper towel,
The first set was 5 of the Northern Lights auto all Cracked in 24 hours, 3 had little tails so planted those tail down 1/2" other 2 put in starter pods(Like Rock wool) and put in like a Terrarium type thing,Started the pakistan kush same way, all 5 cracked so put them in pods in Terrarium, Had 2 northern and 3 pakistan going ok, next morning I had Mold on the tops of Pakistan(Maybe to much Humidity?) took those out and they soon died,So 2 of the Pakistan did not start,and 3 of the northern did not germinate, I started the Amnesia Haze Auto flower the same way,cup of water, Paper towel but this time keeping them in the dark and in zip-lock bag.
I Know I’m doing something wrong,(Even Tho ILGM has germination guarantee,I am not gonna say a Dam thing about it)
Any Help would be Great


You may want to talk with some of the more experienced folks here like @bob31. I started placing my seeds in a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Water to germinate. I believe the H2Os alleviates nasty’s like, mold and such. I may be wrong up I’ve had great luck. I’m really surprised mold appeared after only a day. Patience. I see you filled out a report, that’s good.


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You need to make sure they have air circulation every couple of hours by lifting the dome or opening a vent. What is the RH there?

Do you not know your temps? Humidity?

Coco is a growing medium (Fibers from coconut)

Lets see a pic of what you are doing @Rick3


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I'm new at growing just looking for help along the way

@Rick3 Don’t put them in a terrarium! Cannabis likes to live in well drained soil and that is too wet, especially for a Pakistani stock that comes from a dry, hot climate. Soak them in water until they get a tail and plant them in soil. Mist the soil a couple of times a day until they are above ground. If they don’t develop a tail, I figure the seed is no good and try again. I’m having only about a 50% germination rate with ILGM stock.

Don’t over think things and don’t baby them too much.


Here’s what I mean about simple needs. These two are three day old ILGM autos. Blueberry on the left, Northern Lights in the right. Simple plastic pots on a commercial rack under a T5 light with a fan blowing air in from the sides. Temp is about 70, humidity about 40%, and they are growing like weeds should!


Wow Thank you everyone for the input,
I’m new at this and new to the Forum
Someone gave me 15 girl scout cookie seeds and not 1 started(Figured they where old)
Loneviking Thanks someone told me same thing so took the cover off but still died
Only 2 of the northern lights auto are sprouting, I do not have a “Small fan Blowing” On them but do have a ceiling fan for air movement, Temp in house is between 70-80 no idea of Humidity .
The Amnesia haze auto out of 5 !seeds only 1 cracked open last night,will be looking at it soon as coffee kicks in
I am using a JCBritw led light with Veg or bloom light, I have it on the veg side


well yep the pictures did not turn out,
Sorry I’ll figure it out yet


I fixed your pic @Rick3


Thank you bob31
now when you say keep them in water,do you mean keep them in a cup of water untill they sprout or when they sink in cup of water put them in a wet paper towel? Does it matter if light gets at them or should be in the dark? And some say use a heating pad?
It just sucks I’m losing money on buying the seeds that aren’t starting
Any Info is Much appreciated at this point


@Rick3 ok, a ceiling fan works if you can see the little stems moving gently in the breeze. That breeze keeps mold and mildew away and eventually makes for a strong stem.
How far above the plants is your light? Should be around a foot above to prevent stretching, which is what your one auto seems to be doing. The other plant seems to be laying on it’s side. Here’s an easy fix for both. Take a straw, cut it to the length of the stem and split it along one side. Carefully, gently, fit the straw over the stem and slide the bottom of the straw far enough into the dirt to keep the plant upright. I’ve had to do this with several of my autos. You can keep the straw on right through harvest.

When you toss a seed in water, if it floats then it’s dry and has a good chance of germinating. If it sinks, the seed is cracked somewhere and moisture has gotten in so it’s not going to germinate. I have heard of growers who will take a non terminating seed out of the water, place it between damp paper towels with Mycorrhiza sprinkled on top. Then, onto a towel on top of a heating pad for a day or two. Bob31 can tell you more, I’ve never tried it.


@Rick3 get a cup of warm water, NOT too hot. Drop seeds in for 24 hour or until they sink. Then get paper towels folded and moisten them. Put seeds on paper towel and fold it over. Place in a dark warm area. I usually place them on top of my hot water heater. Check on them everyday until you get a approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch tail. In your soil plant tail side down. Be sure tail seed and all is approximately 1/4 under soil. Mist soil, don’t keep it soaking wet.


Loneviking An Bshmstr Thank you
light is only about 2-3 inchs above plant, I’ll have to rig something different to put light on. Ceiling fan is not making them move,just looked at them,
and the reason they look like that is because 40+years ago when I was in science class I did an experiment that showed Plants always move towards the light,so I’ve been putting them on a 45 degree angle to make them reach for the light(Thinking it would give it a Thicker stem)
I didn’t use warm water cuz all the youtube i watched no one ever said to use warm water, 1/2 said keep in dark place,some said keep it warm
I did put them in water until they dropped then paper towel and this time I put them in a zip lock bag,all i have to use would be a heating pad and that seemed to be to warm even on low,getting to hot water heater would suck
Do I keep them all in paper towel until they sprout? No Matter how long it take’s?
And Again
Thank you for the info


Hey @Rick3, germination can be tricky, so try and keep it simple. I’ve never had a seedling die on me; here’s what I recommend:

Put your seeds in a glass of warm water, not hot, just a little warmer than room temperature and put the glass someplace warm like the top of the refrigerator, or a cable box, it’s the perfect temperature for starting seeds. Don’t use a heat mat unless you can regulate the heat with a thermostat – it will get too hot and fry your seeds.

Now, let the seeds soak for 24 hours, no more because they can get water logged and won’t sprout. Most likely, the seeds will sink to the bottom of the glass, but even if they don’t, just take them out of the glass and put them in individual peat pods like the ones you were using, they work great. Don’t worry about the position of the root, just drop them in the hole, they know which way to grow all on their own. Spray the pods with some water and never let them dry out. Keep them under a dome, but be sure to keep the vents open. They don’t really need a breeze, but there should be air movement.

Put your pods back atop the fridge or cable box, or put them under your lights about six inches away and leave the lights on 24 hours till they pop up. You should see seedlings in a day or two. Once the pop up their heads make sure there is enoug air movementto prevent mold, but enough humidity to keep them from drying out. Spray them with water often, but not too much to drown them.

There, I hope that helps explain what your seedlings need to make it past that stage. Do this for a week and you should be pout of danger. :grin:


@Rick3 I have a fairly access to my hot water heater, but on the upside, keep them covered with moist paper towel in a warm dark spot until root appears. Hope this helps