Beginner looking for opinions on harvesting

Wondering when to harvest this auto blueberry? Any input would be greatly appreciated

Disclaimer - I have never harvested before and have two plants in a similar looking spot (white widow). I’m waiting to pistils go about 50-75% brown then I’ll harvest. If I have the heart to cut down my girls. Is that a reasonable benchmark? Trying to absorb as much info as possible.

How many weeks and do you have a whole plant shot?

Got a jeweler loupe? Trichs tell you harvest windows depending on the type of high you want. You got some fresh white pistols, that particular bud site has some time.

You can harvest different bud sites at different times.

Need more information?

here is a whole plant shot. I am currently going on week 14 but I did a partial harvest at about 11 weeks. At that point all the buds seemed to have been pollinated due to the nearby hemp field I believe.

I’m hoping this round of buds will not be pollinated due to the fact that all the males in the nearby hemp field now seem to be dead. On another note would the seeds produced by my blueberries be any good considering they were pollinated by hemp strains?