Beginner looking for answers

What’s up everyone I’m new to growing and looking to take it seriously. I’ve looked at equipment and grow tent bundles online but it seems like I’m always missing something. Can somebody please point me in the right direction as far as all the stuff I’ll need to start my journey. Thanks everyone!


Welcome to the community. Sometimes it best to purchase your items separately. I will tag a couple people who can guide you. :blush::v:
@dbrn32 @MeEasy @merlin44


Db amd MeEasy both good light folks. Meeasy tests lights for a few companies. Db has DIY and HLG on lock. Equipment is easy. Grow style is your biggest choice. Hard but huge yields. Lotsa measuring/testing etc. Smaller easy yields no testing. If i was going to start again I would build around the grow style. Not growstyle around existing gear. Pick a way you want to grow. Purchase for THAT.


ah ok, would any of you mind schooling me on technique and buying the right material for that process?

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Gonna get peeps in. I am a living soil guy. Some are hydro. Lots of soil types. Coco. All have pros and cons. What i use i water and walk. Thats it. Earth Dust by The Green Sunshine Company. @OGIncognito @MeEasy @Myfriendis410 @Graysin . These are a few. Once the thread takes off a lot of styles will be displayed. Best advice I can give is YOU choose what you like. Stick with it. Change after success if hate it. An example of gear vs style. I do not need ph meter…have 1. Tds meter…have 1. Mixing equipment…reservoirs…etc. other styles they are needed.


What do you suggest for a beginner? Style and gear?

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If you could give me a full break down I’d appreciate it

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On what exactly? I can give what I do. What I used to do I abandoned cause I am lazy.


Well I’m going with growing indoor so if you could explain what I need for that and a style that works for a beginner

Oh that’s a personal preference, budget, and time-on-hand sort of question.

Personally I’m very lazy, and had a higher than average budget to get established. That allowed me to get set up with auto-watering pots. This is highly useful for me because time is what I’m short on.

Others have more time and less budget. Others have no time and no budget. It’s largely governed by available funds and your desired end product.

Also whether you are dead set on growing organically or if you just want big beautiful buds to smoke.


Basic build living soil. 5 gallon cloth pots. 4x4 tent. Cost can be saved here. Decent inline fan and filter. I like 6" dimmable fan. Startup cost can be saved here. Good light. NO COST SAVINGS here. Go big and right or dont go. Most important piece of the grow. Earth Dust kit with base and boost. Non ammended or lightly ammended organic soil. A big ol bin to cook the soil and reuse. It gets better every round. Temp/humidity meter. Small circulating fan. Walmart timer. Fan and timer can save cost. All the midrange gear funds the top bin lighting. The Dust kit does 10 plants in 5 gallon pots. 60 bux. 4x4 so set aside a chunk…3-500…for a 1 time light buy. Newest go 50k hours before a 10% degrade. 5-7years. If I was rebuilding from nothing this is my list.


Maybe start with how much do you want to grow?
1 or 2 ounces? A pound?


Yes. What amount of product do you need?

How much space are you planning for?

Grow style as stated: recommend using a good cannabis friendly soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest for a first grow.

Good exhaust fan like the AC Infinity Cloudline. You almost can’t have too much airflow.

Tent should be sized for space and your desires. Be sure to get one with the highest ceiling you can handle. This allows room for mechanicals and lights.

As stated: buy good lights! Horticulture Lighting Group is top of the line.

Good quality meters: Apera makes a decent one or if can afford it, Bluelab. You’ll need PH and TDS meters to grow indoors. Don’t forget calibration and storage solutions.

Fans to move air in grow space.

Fabric pots are really the way to go. In FF soil I’d recommend 5 gallon.

I would strongly recommend growing feminized photoperiods over autos.

It would be helpful to know space constraints and particulars of your desired grow space.


:point_up_2: what they said, I’m not lazy but do run auto pots and trying my 1st run at organic using ED as @Storm mentioned :love_you_gesture:


On follow. Would like to see some of questions above answered. Mostly what op’s expectations are. You can go a long way with an open checkbook. You can also go a long way with very little money if you have enough time and knowledge.

I think Bogleg said best 4-5 years ago. When he started growing weed had no idea that it would involve chemistry, electrical work, hvac, light science, and many other things to be successful.


Somewhere I posted a list of things to consider and prices (they have probably increased by 30% now). Wish I could find it!


By the way, good morning and welcome to the forum.


Hi there. You have started this adventure the right way by asking questions first. I bought the wrong stuff before I found this forum. I grow in FF ocean forest. I like the testing of the soil and growing inside. I have 2 tents and a closet for seedlings. @Myfriendis410 has a great list of questions for you. :point_up_2:
You have come to the right place.


I definitely second flitme im not a kit guy, i like my setups to be one off customs to fit a specific area and make it easy as possible to control the environment