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Hello everyone! I wish I would of kept better track of how long these plants have been growing…i would say maybe a month I dont think not then 2. I have 5 and I started them inside, on my window seal. I used shitty soil, but then I bought some of better quality and used that when I transplanted them. I rotate window seals everyday. I was out of town for four days and when I came back they had grown so much. I’m not even that far along with them but I was excited to see how fast they’ve grown in such a short period of time. Any ideas or advice is always welcome!![Uploading…]


1 do you have drainage holes at the bottom of the containers
2 Can you put them outside or do you have grow light ?
3 what region are you in
4 are they auto or photos or bag seeds
5 do you have bigger pot to put them in some people use 5 gallon buckets
6 do you have ph an tds meters ? I suggest digital on both if not
We can get you to flower for sure but need more info
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And happy growing :+1: :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 I would try and get those outside or under some type of grow light. Window sills aren’t the greatest spot for cannabis growing. You would see a big improvement if you got them outside or under a grow light (my opinion of course)

  1. Yes, they have drainage holes and I water them every other day.
  2. I live in a trailer park, so you can imagine…everyone is so close. Go figure my landlord lived right in front of my trailer. It sucks they can see every thing I do :confused:
  3. I live in New Mexico. :sparkling_heart:
  4. Seeds I got from bags.
  5. I do not have bigger pots but I can purchase them.
  6. I do not. That tests something in the water and soil??

Thanks so much. I’m always willing to listen and learn. Im glad to be here!! :leaves::seedling::triumph::blush:


Thank you, @Jmesser80 I definitky can’t have them outside, it sucks…i wish I could. What grow lights are best? And does it dramatically effect my electric bill? How often and long does light need to be on?


Hummmmm your definitely limited to options then being in a trailer park houses are usually close so yeah outdoors will be a issue
Do you live alone will smell be a issue ?
So you any space indoors for a tent ? Or a unused closet you could covert in a grow space
What kind of budget we working with also ?
Reason I ask is this can get expensive if you let it hahaha
Happy blew way past my original budget when I got into it that’s for sure but you can grow on a budget if needed
Ok so bag seeds most likely photo seeds then
Sorry for all the questions haha


There are a bunch of different types of lighting to choose from depending on how much you want to spend. Yes the light will effect your electric bill but if that is a concern there are options that use less electricity. If electricity is a concern then LED would probably be your best option as it produces less heat and consumes less electricity.
What type of budget do you have to work with?
As @Countryboyjvd1971 stated it can get expensive.


Yeah it sucks. On one side of me I don’t have neighbors so those Windows I utilize more because no one can see. Now that they are getting bigger it’s hard to use other Windows because I don’t want neighbors to report or call cops. I live with my bf and 2 boys. I could possibly use part of one room for a small area. Budget I’m not sure my mom and I can split costs. Is there other things we can use besides 5 gallon buckets or is that best. I’m thinking area and with 5 plants that’s a bit of space. I told my mom she might have to move them to her house but now that they are small.


What can we do for smell and how big are they when they start to smell? Also what is the difference between auto and photo plants and what else you said about sees type? Seems like self explanatory but the more I learn the better :heart_eyes:


Thank you both @Jmesser80 and @Countryboyjvd1971 for responding I don’t mind the questions at all!!


@torixredduer Autos will flower when they want too and are not dependent on light schedule( hours of light ) usually in about 20 days or so from sprout depending on strains they finish faster but get lower yields
photos you need to switch your light schedule to 12/12 or if outdoors in the fall when sun light drops below 12/12 they will flower take longer bigger yields
As far as smell most of us use exhaust fans and carbon filters to scrub smells in our tents or grow rooms etc
Outdoors not much can be done
And your whole will smell if you just flower them inside the house
They won’t stink until you see flowers (buds) starting
Maybe slightly in veg but minimal
Tag me if I can answer anything else
Since space is a issue you can get a tent that’s 2 feet deep 4 wide and six or seven tall you’ll be able to fit two plants in there maybe 3 Autos
Cost would be around 70-100 $ fan and filter another 100 or so and then you’ll need lights
There is a small number investment to get started right
You could make a homemade box as well if some there is handy like that


@Countryboyjvd1971 so I should switch them to buckets asap? Yeah the initial investment shouldnt be too bad since we’ll benefit from it all later :blush: is there any brands of lights, rent or fans that work better or you perfer? To make a box is there any specific I can Google about??


I would utube a few video to get ideas in home made boxes
As far as tent Amazon or Walmart online
Light are a whole other subject and would need to know size of space etc first
So once you decide on a spot and size tent or grow box whatever tag me and I’ll size it for a light you can get a bunch a decent inexpensive lights on Amazon
For under 100 depending on size you might need two So let me know and we can take from there Also most of us use smart pots also available at Amazon and Walmart I shop the two against each other myself and go with who cheaper They a cloth pot you can get five packs in Amazon cheap 20-30
So yeah also a ph and tds digital meters will be needed so there another 30$
Let me know when you decide time for me to crash need to get for work at 230am my daily stinks so I’ll get back with you tomorrow @torixredduer


Ok, cool. Thank you :blush: I’ll def keep you and everyone else posted! I was messaging with another guy on here who said he used those foil looking car dash covers and those maylar blankets until he got better stuff. Maybe in my bathroom closet. My mom’s house is Better though she lives alone. Here’s a picture of 2 of my biggest ones…excuse the dishes in back round lol…ttyl have a good night!


I’ll tell you what a gallon of flat white paint is best so if your going into a closet just paint it flat brite white
What’s a gallon of paint cost 20$ :+1:


And soft pots. Are the way to go
I made my first set up since taken apart with wood frame plastic a Mylar blankets
One grow bought tents and all other stuff
Definitely get ph and tds meter they are a must
You can grow with cheap light bulbs purchased at Home Depot if you have to
Need proper spectrums for stages but it could be done


Cool thanks so much for all the info and advice :blush: I think I’ll make a frame and try those blankets my m doesn’t want to paint the closer :confused: so landlord doesn’t ask or say anything I guess.


If you can’t stretch to the fabric pots a hessian “bag for life” will suffice.

Ive got two fabric pots, 5gallon,and they are not cheap. They are good though. I use 3gallom plastic (bag) pots too.

Anything over 3gl I thing fabric is better. Under and the water seems easy to control with plastic.


I just ordered a pack of 5- 5 gallon smart pots or the fabric ones on eBay so hopefully they arrive soon. I was using miracle grow for…others mentioned happy frog or fox farm I think it’s the same right?


They work great :+1: the soft pots brand name that is I own them and ones made by 247 I think is the name
Just a heads up if not aware if you use them outside and set them on ground the roots will grow through bottom and capillary feed from the ground to prevent this I put mine on blocks I use bricks myself but any thing to raise them off ground will prevent it
I know your growing indoors but just some info fir the future maybe ?
Good luck and happy growing brother if you need my assistance just tag me brother more then willing to help out :+1: @torixredduer