Beginner indoor Grow box

Have grown outdoors but not inside.
2’x3’x4’ box. 3 plants. Can someone help with what I’ll need. Or links to read.

What strain do you have? Strain pending, that determines how fast you should flower. That’s a lot of plants for that small of a space. If you haven’t gotten a strain yet, I would suggest an auto flower because they remain smaller. Hope that helps.


I have a 2x2x5 homemade grow box and I have a meizhi 450w, one little usb(5v) fan, one exhaust bathroom fan(I don’t have a problem whit smell - I move the air in my attic) and I grow 1 big auto and a clone.
PS I think will be very crowded with 3 plants

Just seeds from misc.

I have a similar grow box 2ftx2ftx6ft with 2 mars 300 lights. I have found 1 auto works best for me

what size fans (cfm)

For Exhaust VIVOSUN 4 Inch 203 CFM Duct Inline Fan with Variable Speed Controller
Intake 3 computer fans with approx 120 CFM, and 2 6inch clip on fans for circulation.

@greg57 I grow in a 3x3 I have two auto and a photo. AND it is tight!

2x3 grow box, one photo (if its bad seed, doubt it’s an auto) is about your max. 2 of the 300 watt lights would get it done.

Are you building a box? Where in the house is it going? Different parts of the house require different things.

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I agree with @bob31. A box in your bedroom will have different needs than one in your basement or garage.

At minimum you’ll need lights, some sort of exhaust fan, a circulation fan, pots, grow media, and a timer.

On the things that you’ll want but aren’t necessarily required. A ph pen, ph adjustment solution, carbon filter, thermometer/hygrometer, tds tester, and probably at least a 3 part nutrient line.

I’m sure there’s more, but off the top of my head…

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@greg57, I did my first grow and half of my second grow in a 3 X 4 X 6 foot box and that footprint will only handle 2 mature photo period plants. Autos you could maybe do 6.

You are going to need more light once you get to flower but the light you have is probably enough to do the job. One more would be better.

General advice: when you decide to start, do NOT start your seedlings in soil. Use a product designed for starting seeds like peat plugs or starter mix. NO MIRACLE GROW.


Thanks for all the feed back. For the last two yrs I have lost my outdoor plants due to excessive amounts of rain. Yes I do understand that I’ll need a timer, fans, etc. I have a Sativa strain Durban Poison.

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Get yourself a 45 gal tote, some CFLs and a fan and you’ll get yourself going. Here’s a old pic of my whole set up and here’s my baby now. Lol it’s big enough to grow 2-3 mid size plants or one big one like me :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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