Beginner in search of help

Ok so first off I have a deep water culture system. 7 connected 6 grow pots and 1 resivor with a pump to circulatewater through the system. I used filtered water. I germinated my seeds in a paper towel until the root broke through the seeds, following the germination video I watched, I put my seeds in the rapid rooter half way in the pod with the stem down and the seed up. I turned my my air pump on it runs for 24 hrs, my water pump runs every other hr for one hr, I have a 1000w led grow light set to the vegetative setting it runs for 16 hrs a day and is off for 8. The only thing I have had problems with is maintaining my ph levels, but they have stayed fairly consistent, I’m using the general hydroponics nutrient system and I am following the weekly feeding per the instructions on the bottle, I’m also using hydrogaurd and following the instructions on the bottle. I also monitor my temperature and humility my humanity seems to run higher when the pump runs, around %65 percent while on and around %45 to %50 while off. My problem is the seeds have been in the cubes for over a week I took the cubes out to see if I had roots growing out of the bottom at all, I didn’t so I opened up the cube and my seeds have not appeared to grow at all. The seeds I bought were pretty expensive so I would love to save them. Any advice is appreciated


Welcome to ILGM forum. I grow in soil and use paper towel method to germinate. So I won’t able to give a whole lot of advice on your methods. The only thing I can say is if you bought seeds from ILGM they will replace. Just contact customer service and let them know. Good Luck hopefully you will get things going.


So a little tuneup to your start is in order. Likely those seeds are toast; sorry. First off let’s get you starting some more seeds (assuming you have more):

In a coffee mug using distilled water, 1/4 cup or so and a tsp of 3% peroxide. Add seed and place in a warm dry dim location (I use my cable box) and monitor. Seed may need help overnight to sink. Add 1/2 tsp peroxide every 24 hours (this adds oxygen to the water for the seed). When seed cracks and root shows, place in a rapid rooter no more than 1/2" deep. The R.R. should be rinsed in distilled water and wrung mostly out. Tear off a small piece from the bottom and when you drop seed in rooter put piece of rooter over it.

All of these should be domed and kept in 75 to 78F temps, 24/0 light schedule. If using main lights should be 24" above, minimum. You will spray mist the inside of the dome and watch the bottoms of the R.R.'s to see when a taproot starts to poke through. When it does it’s time to go into a net basket of hydroton. R.R. should stand high; don’t bury it. You will need to top feed using a dripper until the roots drop into water.

Now the rez: you can run about 200 to 250 ppm until roots touch but could just run straight R/O water. Note: best buy an R/O unit as hydro will benefit if water is at all hard. If it’s under 150 ppm then probably okay. FYI General Hydroponics buffers PH for R/O water so this is part of your PH issue.

Water level in rez should be 1 1/2" to 2" below net basket and air should be vigorous enough that atomized droplets will ‘wet’ the bottom of the net basket. If you don’t have a rolling boil then more air is needed.

Adding a supplementary reservoir will help tremendously in maintaining solution concentration and PH throughout the grow. Water needs to remain below 70F and if you can’t maintain it strongly advise buying a chiller.

Tag me if you have any questions and @peachfuzz and @TDubWilly are both far more experienced than me so may have more to add (or correct haha).


I am extremely medicated at the moment…
But , it sounds like a too moist and possibly too cold environment for the seedlings…
Seedlings like 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 60% to 100% humidity…
Just like a baby freash out of the womb … :+1:
Soil or puck or rapid rooter or rockwhool needs to be semi dry to keep things sterile and searching for water … :+1::wink:
Really need a pic of the system to know for sure…


Rockwool cubes I assume?

The only time I seeds have never sprouted for ne in rockwool cubes, I had the cubes way to wet like @peachfuzz said

I germinate very similar to how @Myfriendis410 described, then I tear my rockwool in half, place the germinated seed and taproot in the rockwool, put the other half back on and put it in the hydro system.

I don’t ever follow bottle directions for fertilizer. For a sprout 150ppm always worked great for me as @Myfriendis410 mentioned.


Hopefully this is not the case but when my cubes were way to wet and the seeds didn’t sprout, they did die.


Got them bad boys in the RR cubes today! The water germination worked amazing!. How does my temp and humidity look? Also when should I start giving them food?.