Beginner in Hot Arizona Desert ... back again

Hi all. Beginner in arizona desert back again. This ak47 autoflower is about 10 weeks old. Grew slow indoors then i got her acclimated to arizona sunshine. Doubled in height this week. Are those flowers emerging? Should i move to flower nutrients or wait to get a lot taller? What is topping and should i? Other input?


Yes that is flowers. :+1::+1::+1:

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Usually stick with veg nutes for the first week to 2 weeks during flower with adding the flower nutes also after aboit 2 weeks then start to eliminate the veg nutes besides whats needed. Hope this make sense to u. Looking nice. Wish i could grow outside im limited to indoor growing only for now

Thanks! These girls started very slowly indoors but they are enjoying the Arizona sun in April / May. Now I worry about them getting too hot too soon. And the drying stage will be challenging too. This is starting to remind me of when I attempted to make my own beer back in the 80s. It was beer alright, just not drinkable.