Beginner I’ve got a heat problem I am surviving

Let’s see if I can do an information dump.
Transplanted into fox farm strawberry. From 1 gallon pots to 3 gallon pots.
30 days ago.
Five outdoor plants are doing wonderfully.
Three indoor have their issues.
It is 85 to 90° here.
Humidity maintains 60 to 70% space space 50 to 40 with dehumidifier. Three plants inside tent to doing very well one seems to be drying up a little bit.
I’m trimming leaves given it straight PH water 62 to 65. It’s in a 3 gallon pot I give it a half a gallon every 3 to 4 days depending on its needs. I turn the lighting down to 75% thinking that it’s just too hot.
Temperatures in the tent read 6262% humidity 85 to 88° in temperature.
Working on come closing in the room that the tent is in to be able to control the air with a 12,000 BTU air conditioner I just purchased. Kinda just trying to get some quick results to try to save a plant any ideas. I have an infinity pool and air out of the tent full blast with a fan blowing air in the tent from outside for fans inside the tent and the tent is 2 x 4 Gorilla

@Turtlehead, oh no! Ran into the same problem with 5 flowering in a 4x4 tent my temps only hit 86, saved my harvest. A box fan, with a tent open, 10” fan on top, 4” inline fan, which caused my problem stopped working, replaced it with 6”inline fan with y ducting to run the other vent hole in the tent. To cool the drivers on my 4000 light! Shit was crazy! First time growing in a tent since I’m disabled. Harvest is great some far! Runtz! Mf :fire: Super Lemon Mac, :fire: Blackjack, :fire: now just waiting on Sour Tangie so I can to my harvest total. From day 1 I said 1.8-2.1 lbs! Right now! It’s 16.8 with Sour Tangie to go!


I have a 4 inch fan exhaust and air out of the top of the tent above the lights. I turn my lights down to 75% power seems to be a little cooler. Part of my issue is this tent is not inside it’s outside. And enclosed area but yet outside 80° weather.

@Turtlehead, oh wow! Having a tent outside, hmmm :thinking:. Now you’ve added an obstacle into mix. I used to grow trees outside, big fat 9-11.3 ft trees. So the outside heat is reflecting off of your tent, causing temperatures to fluctuate which is causing undo stress on the plants in the tent. If I were you I would make a firm choice, decision either outside, or inside in a controlled environment which 80% of the time can be managed. Hope this helps you with your grow, good luck and happy growing

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I am growing outside also inside is new to me or in a tent is new to me wife will not allow me to put it inside the house so I have it on the outside porch. Kind of think the answer would be to run some autos through the winter season inside and do the others outside during the rainy hot humid season. I enjoy both.