Beginner - How am I doing?

See any potential issues as of yet? As a beginner, I want to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Indoor grow, standard potting mix, 5 gal buckets, HPS MH lighting (currently), 18/6 light cycle, tap water @ ph 7, just about 30 days from sprout. 2 - AK47 AF in back, 3 Gold Leaf in front. Thoughts?


Great job. awsome looking plants.
I personally would lower my ph a little but ill leave it to the grow pros to tell you that info. Just wanted to say they look great. Congratulations

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they look to be quite healthy depending on your soil mix your ph is corrected some what by the soil itself are they slightly yellow or is that just the lighting in the picture almost looks like early signs of a potential ph issue forming? But could simply be the light throwing me off? do you know the ph of your run off at last water? have you been feeding them anything devil is in the details. :slight_smile:

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Looks good very healthy keep up the good job.

Looking good. They could be a bit darker in color but like @Donaldj said i do believe you might start seeing ph issues. I would lower to about 6.7 imo…depending on what your runoff is. Also tap water can be bad for your plants with the chlorine that in there. I would buy some nutes and get some distilled water or an RO system if possible. Or else you might start seing problems down the road. Just my two cents. :slight_smile: I’m also pretty new to this but have done tons and tons of research and a lot of reading on here.

As long as your tap waters ppms are relatively low it’ll do no harm, couldn’t imagine the cost buying enough water to feed the plants for months on end. but you still make a good point!


I’ve never tested the ph of runoff water because I don’ t get any runoff. Is that bad? My water come from a pail that is filled and left out for some chemicals in the water to release ( read that somewhere ). Normal water ph here is stable around 7.8, but after setting open for at least 24 hours the ph has dropped to right at 7. Budget grow here so only using cheap ph test strips. Most of the money went into the lighting, cooling fan and exhaust duct, as well as the cost to build the grow area. Considering investing in similar sized grow tent and second light for flower stage ( if budget permits ). Just to maintain complete darkness during no light hours. Most of my info, as well as the seeds, have come from this site and forum. I appreciate all advice and tips.

My worst fear is overwatering because of enclosed containers, hence the no runoff to test for ph.

Ohhhh drill some hole on the bottom of your pails…You’re gunna need to flush at some point and you can’t do that with enclosed containers like that. Also you can get a digital ph reader for about 25$ on amazon.

I go to target at least once or twice a week so i usually just grab a few gallons each time I’m there. Yet I’m also only growing two plant lol so 2 gallons lasts me a week.