Beginner here setting up new equipments

High Everyone,
This will be my first (serious effort) grow and I would be very thankful for useful advice.
I know there are similar posts and I hope to keep this one as more of a personal Journal on progress and beginner info. (don’t want to keep these things on my personal computer)
My idea is to produce plenty for my own personal use, and maybe a bit to share at family social events, so maybe one or two plants at a time? Will this equipment be ok?
So far this is what I have gathered.

1 x TopoGrow 600D High-Reflective Grow Tent W/Green Window/Metal Corners Indoor
1 x 1000W Dual Chips 380-730nm Full Light Spectrum LED Plant Growth Lamp (no name)
1 x 6" Inline Duct Fan CFM Booster Exhaust Blower Aluminum Blade Air Cooling Vent (later I will add a charcoal filter to this)
2 x digital 120v programmable timers for the light (they came packaged as 2 for the deal)
1 digital programmable temperature controller for the vent fan
3 x 100 watt CFL’s @ 6500k with 10.5 inch dome reflectors and clamps
2 x 10 inch fans for circulation
5 x 5 gallon soft pots
1 tray of 10 seedling pots
several bags of Ferry Morse organic starter mix
1 x handheld ph tester and Ph up/down
1 Humidity/temp gauge
and have ordered the 10+10 White Widow (fem) seeds
may need O2 pads later
These are the items so far for my first grow. I have seen that there are many options on every aspect of this but what I want to know is if this setup will work.
So far I have run a few days dry to see if everything works and if the humidity and temp will hold. So far, good on the humidity (lo of 45 hi of 55) but the temp in that closet is a bit warm at 85. The room does have an air conditioning vent so I will open that and put a tall fan by it to blow cool air to the closet…continue testing.
Where I live, the temps will begin to drop soon so it should be easier to control temp by then.
My tent is 38"x38"x72"tall. Will two plants at a time be okay in there or should I go one by one?

sure looks lonely in there…
All of my wiring is at the top to keep out of the way

You probably wont need the speed controller on your exhaust fan unless you need to slow it down for noise issues.
You will need PH up/down, and a PH meter from the start.

Thanks, I will start looking for one online. Went to the local Wally-mart but there were none there

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Got my pH and tds meters on Amazon. Downside is have to wait for delivery