Beginner Here! Blue Dream Autos ILGM seeds

First time grower.

Hydromars ts1000.

Blue dream auto.

Hoppy Frog Soil.

PH 6.5 for watering.

Planning to move into a 4x4 tent with another upgraded mars led once flowering.

RH - 50-70
Temp 75-85.

17 and 15 days old. How are we looking!?’v


Welcome to the community. Looks good so far. :+1::+1::+1:

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Looking good my friend! Are you currently stealth growing in a closet or something?

Welcome to the forum. She’s looking good.
In the later stages, she will have a very big appetite.

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Technically speaking not for stealth but does work to that aspect. My intention is to use it for the veg state going forward. I underestimated the size of it and def going to need a tent in the next few weeks.

I planned on adding some flowering nutes at that time. Any suggestions?

Never used fox farm myself, my advice is follow a simple feed chart with their nutes.

I’m using the ff trio but I only use a 1/4 of what the feed chart said to use and my girls are vegging like crazy. Topped two of my girls yesterday and it’s like it never happened no stress what so ever but we will see in a few days what really happens. Happy growing

Sunday update. To my knowledge the soil I started with should carry her through about 30 days for nutes. I am at day 21 and 19 since planted and appears to be doing really well. I have started lst and she is responding well. I continue to move the light up about 5 percent each weak and currently at about 75-80 percent. So far so good, I think. Few pic updates as well

Are we flowering yet!? Only at day 23 but she appears to be developing pistils. Maybe I’m wrong?

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Looking for some friendly advice! I am going to be moving my ladies into the 4x2 closet here within the next week or two. I will also be purchasing a Mars hydro 2000 to upgrade from the 1000 once in full flower. My question is, what is the best setup to properly hide the smell in addition to being able to regulate the rh and temps? To my advantage the access to the attic is in that close with easy access to ventilate the air. I am not too concerned with smell but would like to regulate it. I have struggled to keep my rh down when the humidity strikes here and my biggest concern going into flowering.

Thanks in advance!

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I do believe that’s just good old fashioned vegetation my friend but I could be wrong But here is a blueberry auto that just went into flower a day ago.

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Thanks man! She’s def starting to take off. Pic from yesterday/today


Quick update and move into the closet. 34 and 32 days. How she look?

Ending up going with the Mars hydro tsl 2000. Is it accurate the output is around 300 watts? Seem to be having some good luck the first time around so far but being a newby if anyone can chime in with advice going forward it is appreciated! I know I have a long way to go. Currently watering with cal mag and feeding with fox farm once a week. I noticed a few spots on a few leaves and based upon my research determined it to be a cal mag deficiency. She seems to be responding well now. Current update pick

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Looks like you splashed some water on one of your leaves on that plant to the left it could just be the picture tho Other then that they look happy and healthy. Happy growing growmi

@NitroGrow Thanks man! Do you think that is what it can be? That’s what I had thought was the deficiency. She hasn’t gotten her second dose of cal mag yet and waiting for her to dry out. Uploading: 950B1766-EF1F-4E88-82E0-8C0546999DB4.jpeg…

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It could need some cal mag. It’s hard to tell the more I zoom in the blurry it gets. But cal mag would not hurt just use half the recommended dose to see if it fixes it. But it does look like some water got on the leaf

Sounds good, thanks for the insight ! :call_me_hand:

Can anyone help here. Is this just turning purple or am I running into issues? Any help is appreciated. The plant seems to be turning a little yellowish or lighter green. Gave her a feeding today with cal mag.