Beginner growing outdoors Michigan in 5 gallon pots

Should I top my plants to make them bushier?

Yes I like to top one time , let’s the side branches catch up and make a even canopy at the top . Makes a nice bushy plant. Good luck


Welcome fellow Michigander! You have definitely found the right place for great help, tips and cool people. Be sure to check out the guides and grow bible tons of great info!


@kellydans when would you top auto I’m starting a few plants now and I’d like to try on this time around. I’m from Michigan too :blush:

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If the plants nice and healthy I like to top autos at five sets of full Leafs. Everybody has different techniques but I only like to top autos one time. Hope that helps good luck

Autos has a short veg cycle they usually start flowering in 5 to 6 weeks take that into consideration when you top. But they do stretch in flowering stage sometimes double or triple in size.