Beginner grower - Yellow Leaves at bottom of plant

Good day all!

This is my first grow and I have made several newbie mistakes along the way but with lots of reading I believe I am doing better. Here is some quick history:

  • Plant is 26 days old.
  • Strain is LSD Feminized (not auto) and advertised as being a small compact plant.
  • Grow tent is only 3ft in height 3x3x2(hence the small compact plant)
  • Spider Farm SF1000D LED lights
  • Medium is soil (started in Miracle Gro (newbie) and switched to Happy Frog soil when transplanted.
    Note: when bought the Happy Frog soil from local garden shop it was frozen solid, had to wait 3 days for it to fully thaw out…dont know if this has any impact on nutrients or ph?
  • Transplanted into a 3 gallon fabric container. Transplant was done on day 21

If more details are needed, I am happy to provide. The issue as seen in the pictures, are the yellow leaves at the base of the plant. There are two of them. The top of the plant looks fine. The yellow leaves did not appear until the day after transplant. After the transplant, I fear I may have overwatered as I read to saturate the soil after transplant? Since that day, I have let the soil dry out and I just watered again this morning around the roots in a circular motion.

Thoughts on the yellow leaves?
Thoughts on the progress of the plant being day 26? Seem on track or slow growth?

Thanks for listening!!

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Couple of suggestions.

Raise your light or turn lighting down a bit. The node spacing is very tight and you’ll want her to stretch out a bit or you’ll have an unmanageable plant on your hands.

The soil looks really wet. Be sure that you are watering sparingly and letting the soil dry out before watering again.

I wouldn’t worry too much about those bottom leaves. It happens.


Thanks for the information. I raised my lights a bit. The lights are now 12 inches from the top of the plant. I only have about 3 more inches I could raise it being in a 3ft tent. The pot itself is 10 inches. I am thinking next to do a 1 gallon pot as it’s 2 inches shorter. Again, I did buy a strain that was advertised as being small and compact so could that explain the tightness between nodes? What did you mean by unmanageable?

I also did water the plant right before the picture. She won’t be watered again for a few days.

I failed to mention that I introduced Jacks nutes in my water after transplant. Taking advice and did 1/4 nutes, then will move to 1/2 before ramping to full does. This was recommended by @Hellraiser

You really don’t need nutes yet if in Happy Frog. Nutes, when in HF, are generally introduced after 4ish weeks from the last transplant.

The tightness in nodes is due to too much light. I mean unmanageable in the sense that you will have problems with bud rot (mold), air circulation, and light penetration if the plant is allowed to develop too densely.

So I do have two lights, the one in the tent is the Spider Farm SF1000D and the max height I can go between top of plant and light is like 15-16 inches. Tent is only 3ft tall and pot itself is 10". Would it be better to use a lower watt light? I also have this light that I could swap in: 24 watt advance spectrum LED grow light panel made by Yield Lab?

Should I swap lights? Would that help stretching?

@dbrn32 Do you have any suggestions here? I’m not sure how to help this member with limited overhead space. I have suggested less light given the node spacing and density of the plant, which is not sustainable.

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The only thing I know to suggest given height restrictions is topping and supercropping to manage her height. Three feet of vertical tent is going to be extremely restrictive. I would really suggest a taller tent. You’re going to have a big challenge on your hands trying to keep a photoperiod plant that short and still able to produce flower.

So I just took out tape measure to confirm some things and I could get creative and give myself 22 inches from light to soil. Plant is 4 inches so that would be 18 inches from top of plant to light. I could pick up 2 inches if I use a 1 gallon pot instead of the 3 gallon I am in now. Unfortunately I would have bought a higher tent but given where I need to hide it (under staircase) that was the max height. I have done alot of reading and there are many success stories growing with this height. Just need the guidance from the experts in pulling it off.

So questions:

  1. Should I swap to this other light?
  2. If I get creative, would that extra space be better and keep existing Spider light in tent?
  3. When would you too this plant? Too early I believe at moment.

A more diffuse light is probably best. Not sure how much room may be eaten up by hanger, but maybe look at potential ways to shorten that up?

So update;

  1. Got creative and reconfigured inside of tent and was able to bring the Spider light all the way to the top. I now have 22 inches from soil to light. Again, I could pickup another 2 inches if downsized from a 3 gallon to 1 gallon fabric pot.
  2. I also topped the plant today. See updated images. Hopefully the plant grows more sideways and I can get a nice green canaoy.
  3. I cut off the yellow leaves at the base of the plant.

Going to ride this out now for awhile and see what happens.

Updated thoughts or concerns?

Thanks All!