Beginner grower. Please help my dying plant

Since your popping seeds, your plants are starting with taproots that wanna drive straight down. Your additional roots will grow off this taproot as long as it remains healthy. If your taproot has hit the bottom of its cube, it could need more space to grow, and if it dies off due to issues it will greatly weaken your plant vigor. Also yea, your cubes look pretty wet, I would ease back on the watering.

What media are you transplanting into?

I’m transplanting to fox farms ocean forest. 6.3-6.8 PH. The package says it’s “ready for plants” but I’m unsure what to look for in good media. I have a 5 gal fabric pot. I have a ph water tester as well as a soil tester. I’m using worm casting as a fertilizer although my soil says it already contains worm casting. The worm casting I have shows a 1-0-0. Am I good to go? I see lots of people use coco. Before I open my soil, should I return it and get coco? Or should it work about the same?

Coco is a inert media which means you will need a good nutrition supplement. The ocean is a hot soil so it already is packed full of enough nutrients for your plant for about 6 weeks ,you could add casings but you may get nute burn. Ocean is so hot it’s common to get nute burn in ocean with out adding anything with seedlings. After that time you will need a nute supplement like the fox farms trio.Your call me all do things differently. I have never used a peet pod, I find they stay too saturated.

What are symptoms of nute burn? If they begin to burn can I fix it pretty easy?

You really won’t get any symptoms it hits fast and the damage to leaves is irreversible. Here a pic of my first grow this is burn caused by a hot soil and a high temperature spike. I learned the hard way.

So if I keep the temp down will that help it at all? What I’m picking up from this is to just stay away from hot soil…

No not at all I still use hot soils, I just learned the importance of conditions , nutrition ,and lighting. I just wanted to warn you about over nutrition

I ran into the same issue using pete pellets. Take the wrapping off and let it dry out is all I can say. For me it was like once I over watered the pellets I could not get them to dry out. I know I went wrong being inexperienced with them but, I think they hold to much water anyways.

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Okay. So I keep my temp at 78. I have a 6in ac infinity inline in a 2x4, so it can get Overpowering at times. I’m on a 18:6 light schedule and my fan cuts off at the same time. I have my lights about 30 inches above on 25% because yesterday I noticed my leaves were turning down slightly When I had them at 28in . I posted a pic of it yesterday. So if I transplant using my hot soil, should I keep the temp lower? Like low 70’s? 73/74?

This is just experience im no pro lol. I unwrapped the pellets knocked the dirt off of the roots and planted it in ffof in her final container. This was a auto I had the problem with. I was around 75 degrees with a cool mist humidifier in the tent to keep it around 60 humidity. This is where she is at today.

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Do you have any coco or peat moss you can mix with the ffof to dilute it making it cooler I think covert puts 15 % give or take coco+ perlite to soften his ffof

I added perlite and coco coir. It was the pot4pot kit that I ordered. Ended up calling an audible because of the issue and used there coco coir to mix with my perlite and ffof. I did not use any of there nutrients it came with.

Temp is good, and sounds like lots of good soil advice.

Perilite is added mainly for drainage. I have also seen aquarium rocks there more colorful.

So I transplanted using my hot soil. One of my plants have really started thriving since transplant, but one hasn’t really changed. It’s gotten a little bigger but the leaves are still slightly sloped down. Is this a problem, or am I just being an over cautious parent?

if you look closely, the top of the plants are slanted down