Beginner grower. Please help my dying plant

So my plants are 10 days old. Yesterday I noticed my leaves are turning down as you can see. Why is this? Should they be taller? I was in a 24 hour light schedule until I changed it yesterday to 18/6. The lights are 28 inches above top of plants. I have 400 watt LED in a 2x4 plant. I’m hoping to get 3/6 hatched babies. If I get more, I will get another setup to be able to properly accommodate. Someone please help as to why my plants are turning!

Are they ten days old from sprout or since you dropped them. Can you see any roots if so I would transplant

Get them under 300-400 ppfd of light and you’ll see better development, they’re leaning trying to get more light from the source

I was thinking 400 watts at 28 inches sounds like overkill.

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I totally missed that if it’s 400 true watts then they could be shying away that’s why they’re leaning slightly opposite ways( but if it’s 400 claimed watts it’s super not enough)

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Yeah I was gonna inquire about brand. Op???

Those little pods look super wet too.

I’d also say they look to wet.

How do I dry them out?

10 days from container to pod. 10 days total.

I have a mars hydro 3000 light. I bought it from led grow lights depot.

I’d quit watering them. After they dry maybe dome them with a solo cup that you have filled with water and dumped out so the inside is wet. They look a little young to transplant.

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The ts 3000? Says it’s 450 watts. I’d suggest dimming it down if it does that or raising it up

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Yup at 28 in your hitting like 800 ppfd dim to about 40 % and your girls will start responding much better

Ohh it’s a sp 3000 ( a lil different ) 50% will be closer to perfect

50% what? Does the humidity level matter much at this stage? It fluctuates between 45-55%. I figured it was because of the dome I have covering my seeds. The temp stays 77.

No 50% of the dimmer on your light but high humidity wouldn’t hurt either

Humidity should be in the 90’s (easily achieved by spraying the inside of the dome). The leaves pull moisture from the air since they don’t have root systems to suck up the water.

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I examined this morning and the bottom of the plants are breaking roots. I’m going to transplant but I’m not sure if I should go straight to my 5 gallon pot or place them in a smaller pot for now. I have worm castings as well. Should I add or is it to early? I also should add my fertilizer right?