Beginner grower need help with autoflower

Hi guys I’m a beginner and need help I chose northern lights auto because of ease of growing it but i think i may have killed my plant!
I am using a 1000 watt led philizon cree cob 2x2 grow tent steady temp at 23 degrees and rh is at 48% the soil ph is 7 15733970811161048960672535983178|375x500

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Hello, do you happen to know what your temps are running when the lights are on? Also what soil are you using and your water schedule etc… need some information on what you have done so far. There is usually a ticket you can fill out from the site but idk how to link it Unfortunately.

yes 23 degrees

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soil im using is natures care organic and natural potting mix with water conserve usually feed every 3rd day but mist a couple times on day 2 just to keep the top moist seeing im running a 1000 watt light in a 2x2 x 70 tent

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Ok that’s a lil too cool for just starting a seedling you’d more likely have better success running around 80 to even 84 degrees with atleast 65 percent humidity you can cut a 2 liter CLEAR bottle in half keeping the bottom to make a dome and placing it over your seedling. You definitely need to raise your temps and if you can adjust your light intensity to a lower wattage you can lower the light within 14 inches of the plant to keep it warm, soil temps need to be very warm at this stage as well.

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I agree your temps are too low for that little girl. You want it as close to 80 as you can get it and humidity at least 60%.

This is a little on the high side also.

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I am not familiar with that soil but it should have a npk value listed on the bag usually at the bottom. It may be you have a “hot” soil and its burning up the seedling also have you checked your waters ph before watering? And usually I water like every 7-9 days the first 2 weeks so the seedling can establish good roots and they really only do that when the soil is dry and not moist nor wet or damp but dry at the base to an inch down.

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okay will make those changes is my plant still savable in this early stage


I believe you can save it, just dim your light if possible and perhaps lower it some, while doming the plant and getting temps and humidity up. Always always always check your water ph as that is so important. These plants are very resilient but this is in my opinion the hardest stage of growing! Keep it up and feel free to ask and tag people in your grow to keep up with things this is a great community of growers and awesome people willing to lend a set of eyes and ears.

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Also try to straighten out the stem by gently pushing the soil down while trying to position it upright if she starts growing sideways you more than likely wont have a great structure to support the plants weight as it goes into flower. Is this a autoflower or photoperiod?

well I am glad i joined and thank you for the replies
the npk value on bag is 0.15-0.10-0.15

this girl is coming up to 3 weeks on wednesday from seed beginning of grow power outage had caused some issues used a gennie to keep ligjts going but temps hit 35 degrees and 88 rh value so i am sure that stunted some growth as well trying to give as much info as possible I am also ordering a TDS meter to check ppm Iim looking at one that will show ranges in n p k so i will eventually get accurate readings of soil

its an auto flower and i keep pushing soil down and turn pot every day i thought the pushing of stem was from fan circulating right in her

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Hey @beginerjayman
Welcome to the forum.
I just started a NL Auto that looked even worse. I wish I had taken a photo of it because it was stupid deformed. But after a couple weeks it came out of it. The main stem never did develop but two side stems formed and are looking wonderful. I will post a photo later.
Dont give up till it does. As long as its green keep it under the lights.
You will get lots of good advice here.

Yeah you dont really need a fan right now, and your soil is great but you’ll have to definitely add nutrients later as it is basically basic lol. If it were me and I hate to say this but I would start over, being that this is a autoflower and 3 weeks in you wont harvest anything but maybe a joint 2 maybe 3 grams of bud if lucky. I hate to sound like an ass or be discouraging I’m just being real. As I said this is the most important and hardest part of the grow and you stated it got down to 35 that’s way too cold and will prob take way too long and much effort then what it’s worth. You’re way better off getting your temps and humidity dialed in and then dropping another seed and going from there.

Consider starting another seed and a second grow pot.
Im sure you have enough room for two. If this first one dies you will have #2 going.
If its stunted you will have a little bit. Its good experience in any case. it may produce more that you expect. They can be totally unpredictable.

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NL Auto, Planted 10-7, 5 weeks or 35 days old today.
Seedling wanted to fall over, was severely deformed and I was convinced it was simply going to die.
I mean it really looked wonky.
Put a plastic fork in the ground and used a twist tie to support it from falling over.
After about three weeks it start to grow two nice side branches. Im glad I kept it.
We shall see what it produces.

This is something you DON’T want.

Do NOT feed your seedling! That’s what soil is for. Adding nutrients in soil only if a deficiency has been identified.

i did buy root farm veggie nutrients to mix I am looking for someplace that sells nutrients but I am from canada and finding places that sell nutrients during fall and winter is hard as most close around me I found Walmart sells this brand and is the easiest for me to get

and soil recommendations as i just started germination of a second seed again Northern Lights auto from crop king seeds

It’s probably the water you’re spraying on your leaves

I am using R O water the only thing is i cant get the ph below 7