Beginner grower is this male?

It’s about 10 weeks old. My others have shown quite a bit more pestils and are obviously female but this one was the runt. I nearly died but slowly came back. Now since the others created a canopy this guy has grown pretty much all stalk except for a few tops here and there. Anyways I’m not to concerned whether it lives or dies at this point but it would be nice to get a second opinion. Male or female?

Keep a close eye on it.


Looks female to me. That’s where you should be watching for hanging balls of pollen.

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To early for me to tell.

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Yup still a bit too early. I see what ur looking at but those could be leaves yet to uncurl. Patience grasshopper


Keep a close eye. Can’t tell if that’s new growth or a forming pollen sack waiting to drop.

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Too early to tell but looks more like a calyx forming than a ball sack. You’ll know in a few days