Beginner Grower Here Need Help

So this is my first post on the forum and am currently on my first grow with seeds I had stashed up. My question isn’t on this grow though, I’m doing pretty well had 6 plants to begin with only 2 were female :confused: Other than that everything’s going good. Anyways I have an 8x4 area with a 1000 watt hps and am planning on getting 2 300 watt leds to go with on the sides. I’m planning on having a scrog set up for my next grow but I’m not sure on what size pots to use. I’m currently in the middle of germination with 8 seeds and am planning on having all 8 come out good. I would like to use 3 gallon pots but I don’t know if that would be enough. I’m currently using 5 gallon pots in this grow and aren’t sure how big of a difference it would make to use 3 gallon pots instead.

Is this bag seed? Do you have any idea if they could be autos? I always plant in 5 gallon pots. I found that 3 gallons get rootbound way too quickly. However, I only grow photos, autos grow much smaller, so you could probably get away with the 3 gallons.


We would really appreicate you filling out a support ticket. It is set up for us to help you out in a consistent and informed manner.

Welcome to ILGM and Happy growing


They’re not autos. I got 3 fem black widows, 3 fem Bruce banner and 2 fem Skywalker OGs. What about the 3 gallon smart pots, I’m currently using 5 gallon smart pots. In Bush doctors coco loco. Which is what I’m planning on using for these 8.

My honest opinion, you can do it, but they’re gonna get rootbound in a 3 gallon, and if you want to SCROG then you won’t be able to transplant them and you may get problems. I suggest you save yourself the headache and go with the 5 gallons.


I tried to use 3 gallon with photos. They get rootbound & yield suffers. I now use 5 gallon.

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Sounds good. I really appreciate the help. 5 gallon pots it is.


You won’t be sorry. :slight_smile:

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@raustin there are designs for mobile SCROG’s; I use them daily FYI.

Pot size in coco is going to be dependent on how large you want your plants. If you are doing a SCROG grow there will necessarily be a longer veg time than if you were doing a SOG grow. I use 7 gallon in coco, vegging for 2 months before flipping. Even in those large pots they become rootbound. Yes; coco is a medium and you feed like hydro drain to waste but it isn’t hydro.

If you can swing it; go for the largest pot size you can handle. In coco for me that’s 7 gallon. In soil I have gone all the way to 15 gallon.

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Can you transplant in your mobile SCROG?

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The plants go in the SCROG only when large enough to benefit. So by then they are in their final home. I suppose you COULD but wouldn’t usually need to.