Beginner grower here....just looking for any help

Hey all. Im just getting into this. I just ordered 20 wedding cake auto seeds from ilgm. My setup is a 3x3x6 vivosun tent. Vivosun 1000w grow light. I have an ac infinity 4 inch exhaust and 6 inch blower fan. I will be growing in 3 gallon gallon pots. Also have a heater and dehumidifier as well. I will be keeping a journal here for any advice and help. Jusy saying hello and giving an idea of my setup


Looking good what nutrients and soil will you be using and do you have a pH and TDS pen

Hello @Ripwater12 and welcome.

I would suggest, as a new grower, that you start no more than 2 plants for now. That light is only enough wattage to effectively flower 1 plant.

My method for sprouting seeds: soak in tap water in a dark, warm place until the seed sinks or stays under when poked. Then into a wet paper towel which goes in a ziplock bag with a little puff of air. Also in a dark, warm place.
When it has a “tail” at least a quarter inch long, I plant directly into a 3 gal fabric planter that has been pre-watered well. Tail down and just below the surface enough to cover.
When it emerges, cover with some clear dome(I use half a 2l juice jug)and just monitor.

Beads of moisture inside the dome means no water is needed to be added. If it dries inside, just mist the inside of the dome.


Fox farm happy frog spil. I do have ph and tds pen. Nutri will be using fox farms fruit and flower and worm castings

Seems your good to go buddy

I think you’ll like the fruit and flower. I use that and worm castings as well, and plants seem to really like it.


Welcome to the community.

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They look absolutely beautiful! I used worm castings with happy frog and perlite but i am having draining problems low at the bottom it seems to be to compacted. So i would make sure the worm casting is mixed well into the soil and i would also add a good amount of perlite on my next grow. Does anyone use coco coir and do they wash or buffer the coco. I recently bought some for next grow amd i wanted to make sure i am using this medium correctly. Would anyone have advice? Kindly appreciated!

@Ripwater12 welcome to the forum!

:point_up_2: @Ripwater12 great advice


Has anyone used vermiculite as opposed to perlite?

I think vermiculite actually retains water too much.


I was just wondering. So is there a certain amount of perlite you are supposed to mix with the soil?

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I do 70/30 coco and perlite :love_you_gesture:

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So i dont think im going to do coco coir. Should i add any perlite to fox farms happy frog?


I would add about 20% perlite to most potting soil mixes. The more you add, the faster it will drain/dry and have to feed more often.


Growing in coco gives you total control and easier to fix issue when and if they come up. I grew in soil switched to coco back for 1 run in soil last year and been in coco since then and will never look back :love_you_gesture:


So if im using coco how much soil am i putting in under the coco? And i would mix and nutrients into the coco?

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Responded on the wrong journal with this

You shouldn’t mix coco and soil due to the 2 different PH needs. Coco is 5.8-6.0 and soil is 6.5-7.0 :love_you_gesture:

I’ve used both together. And, in that space you need a bigger light or you could block off an area with a white sheet in the tent to 2x2’ and only grow one with that 100W light. It’s 100W draw from the wall.