Beginner grower.. Help

Day 72 all autos from ILGM still no flower what to do


Your plants look great. Autoflowers tend to do there own thing at there own time. What is your lighting schedule?

18/6 had some issues early on… Soil was soaked when I bought it and when I planted it hurt them early but they need good since just anxious to see something lol or figure if I need to do something

Like I said your plants look fine its just they way autos work. I have hard of people who did autos that took 6 months start to finish. Maybe try a 12/12 light schedule?

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These are 15 days old from bomb seeds already showing sex

I’ll give it a go thanks man

Sorry I cant help you more on this I am only on my first auto grow right now myself.

10 weeks and no flower on Autos? They should be done by now. Are you sure you haven’t got photos in error? They could be waiting for flip to 12/12? They certainly look healthy! :crazy_face: :face_with_monocle: :sunglasses:

That could be possible. I do know someone that had that happen to them.

Well I’ll wait to flip I’m getting my 4x8 next week and an FC 3000… if they haven’t flower by the time that comes in I’ll do it then so I have more room.

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@Nicky can you give me your opinion thanks

Have you checked with any of the Mods here? I’m sure they could trace the order and contents? @dbrn32 could probably guide you to the right people. :+1: :sunglasses:

I just did that bro thanks man I couldn’t figure out how to reach out to them thanks for helping me

@MattyBear can you help with this please I also emailed customer service just to ask their opinion

The seed bank is separate from the forum. I would switch them to 12/12 as well to trigger flower. Do you still have the package the seeds came in? I could tell you what they are based off that if you still have it. If not, let me know and I can tag someone from that department


Must have just missed this before I went to bed last night.

@Ghost74 turn your lights off for 2 days (48hr) and then switch to the 12/12.

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Yes I do

Those are Feminized Photo period, not autos. You’ll have to change the lights to 12/12 to initiate flower. You don’t have to do any 48 hours of darkness first. Just set the timers for 12 on and 12 off and watch them stretch and stack :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:

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Did you order autos? If so, @ILGM.Stacy might be able to make things right

Ok well that solves that now one question
.I’m your opinion im gonna run out of room I’m ordering a 4x8 tent I n the next week or two they are I’m a 3x3 now should I flip or wait for that tent…?

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