Beginner grow update

Just an update. The small plant in the black fabric pot is the oldest it stopped growing after being topped the leaves turned yellow and the plant fell over I transplanted from .5 gal pot to the 5gal fabric pot and I trimmed of all the leaves due to some deficiency (mag deficiency) after adding a small dose of cal mag to 6.5ph water along with blackstrap molasses this is the results of that. Just seems not not be getting any taller

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Why are you starting in such big pots? Solo cup size. I made same mistake. Believe me it makes a difference for the roots establishing themselves faster.

What is that an auto?

Autos arent dependant on light cycle. They flower with out changing the schedule. The other is photoperiod which will veg until you switch the light to 12/12. Autos were developed if im not mistaken by crossing rudarallis with sativa or indica strains.

@GhostGrow fill out support ticket breed light soil indoor outdoor explain what’s going on man it will help me help you in a way

@Weddingcake1983 says is it auto photo? Why u put into that big fabric bag for go to a red or blue solo cup than transplant to bigger from there ? We are here to help you

@Cann-A-Budz it could be in shock to I would be if you put me in that big thing :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slight_smile:

I was answering his question about what an autoflower is. This isnt my thread.

But i did just start a grow journal for my next run. I appreciate all tips and help on there if you are willing. O far no problems.

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It looks like you have the big pot but your not utilizing the benefits of a larger pot, your soil looks dry. The benefit of larger pots is there ability to retain moisture stretching out periods in between waterings. @GreenSnek can tell you all about it.