Beginner grow update 2

day 3 with my new adityion (Mars hydro ts1000) they are putting on some serious growth I currently have it set to 25% light at around 24”-32” away. Anything wrong here?


Welcome and off to a great start

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I’m on a first grow, new to the forum, and on my first grow attempt too brother, good luck and happy growing.

Looks great man, give us a rundown on what your using and and what your plan is and we can maybe spot an issue before it happens! Welcome to ILGM forum, a wealth of knowledge and experience!

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I’m using regular bag seeds with ffof soil I basically started out in the pots they are in due to transplanting before they even got first set of true leaves. I plan on vegging for 8-9 weeks using lst and topping about 3 weeks before flipping to flower.

What’s yours looking like?

I run the TS 2000 dial it all the way up your girls should love it.

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So your saying it should be on 100%?

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I just swapped out to some bigger lights and stayed up late last night to get some pics of their growth during lights out, but the pics weren’t very good. Ima try again. I ended up getting a few snaps of my recirculation drain. I have a Blueberry and two Amnesia Haze autos in a 3x3. I think I put a link to my thread for ya to check out where they were earlier this week.

I’m saying mine is up all the way on these :thinking::roll_eyes::v: