BEGINNER grow questions


the leaves that my plant first produced are now touching the dirt and are crispy. what do i do and whay causes this. should I be freaking out?


and is it time to start the fox farm fertilizers? if anyone could tell me when to start them it would help. they are in fox farm ocean forest smart naturals


Don’t worry about the leaves too much. FFOF is pretty hot soil. You won’t need to feed anything for quite some time. The plants will tell you when they’re ready.


I agree, in fact you could probably prune those leaves, if you don’t the plant will eventually self prune them


No need to freak out. It looks just fine. And like the other members said you can either trim it or the plant will do it itself. But overall you have nothing to worry about I don’t think. Looks healthy. Keep up the good work and the diligence.
And like the other members said no need to start feeding yet. I use Fox Farm ocean forest and Happy Frog mixed one bag to one bag. Those are good soils they have lots of stuff in them. You’ll go weeks before you’ll need to feed them I believe. I usually don’t start giving my plants nutrients until around week 4 or 5 of veg.
Take care and enjoy your grow


thank u guys for all the heat feedback. and sorry about all the questions. I do have one more though. this girl I transplanted from a solo cup and people said she looked over watered in the solo cup. I transplanted her and she was looking amazing then 2 days later I gave her some water, not alot p.h. was 6.5. and now she’s puffy and droopy. Is she ok? and I can’t seem the get a good watering schedule. how can I fix this?


@bgnrww She looks great now she will Explode now that you’ve transplanted you might have some color change due to the Fox Farm being a little hot But you probably won’t have to feed it until you go into flower depending on how long you veg but she looks happy!! Keep it up :wink: as for watering If you watered today pick your part up in two days and you will feel how light it is a gauge off putting my hands in the soil to see if it is moist and I also left my pot up to see how heavy it is compared to after and before you water hopefully that helps and welcome to are little slice of fun


I agree with she looks good and will take of Shortly
The single finger leaves will die off once you have 3-4 sets of true leaves since the get no light and served their purpose :wink: no worries