Beginner Grow Prep Vol. 2

So, my HGL 260W QB just came in today and I have it put together. I am planning to plant my seeds this weekend and am looking for some last minute advice.

Last time I vented the heat out of my tent and into my room. That caused my room to be much warmer, but that could have been from the light I was using. If not, would adding another duct fan venting into the tent reduce the heat?

Also, do I need to have my pots sitting on something and not directly in my saucer to drain?

I have water PH meter, but I am not sure how accurate it is. I have a soil PH meter that I know is pretty accurate. Also, should I invest into a soil moisture level meter to prevent overwatering?

Is cal mag the only nutrient I should add and what signs do I look for to know when to add it?

A lot of questions here to take in and answer. Don’t have to answer all of them, but I will take all the information you give me. Thank you.

Ok got a good light that’s the main thing ventilation in the next can you vent to the outside that helps with temp and rh as far as the ph meters are concerned the Apera 20 is a good one about 50 bucks and raising your pots if you’re in a basement or garage the floor can get cold so I put a piece of foam insulation under my drip tray buy it at Home Depot comes in 4x8 sheets