Beginner grow of widow aotoflowers

Has anyone else ever had or heard of autos outside that don’t have no hair and inside it looks like I’m back in the 80s where everyone has big hair. Got me wondering if it’s something I did or if it’s normal.

Different plants do different things even with the same conditions so different plants in different conditions are bound to do even more different things

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Got some pics? Some of us are 80’s babies.


Not sure that I fully understand the question, but I’ll take a shot at it.

You are concerned that the outdoor plant has no flowers, but the indoor plant does?

If that is the question, then there’s not necessarily anything to worry about. All plants are different like @Mr_Wormwood suggests. It sounds like they are flowering at different times, which is normal. Autos generally flower at between 4 and 8 weeks.

Same strain. One on left is 9 days older, flower day 13. Other is flower day 2. Autos just kinda go.

Edit: bigger one is actually another 8" or so taller than pictured, as her top is bent for exposure.

I’ve seen it on Bruce banner and White Widow autoflowers but never on a photoperiod. In my opinion, Its some kind of messed up genetics due to the ditch weed it’s crossed with to make autos.

But I will say those hairless buds got me just as high

Ok to explain it better cause I’m not around them at the moment and don’t have pics. The outside white widow has buds with no hair what so ever. Now the indoor white widows are covered with hair from the time they started to flower till they are harvested. The outside sets are just hair less bud. Also the weather has caused rot and I have had to harvest some cause I would of lost it all to rot. Right know they are three left outside. The next time I’m around them I’ll take a pic. They have had a rough summer with bugs and rain but are finally flowering.