Beginner Grow- falling in love




Greeny is very good. Her buds are getting nice and thick, and she is glistening.I had to move the lights up just a little because she was getting just a touch of light burn. I quench her thirst about every other day. Her temps run upper 70’s and humidity is around 40-45 during the day, but creeps up to 60 at night. She has about 6 big top buds, that will be at minimum 6" but probably closer to 8 or 9, and many other branches that are producing good looking buds too. I tried to use side lighting, so I think that helped with the other buds.

This is a bud from a bottom branch. I think the lower buds look pretty good too, and am thinking about harvesting the top colas first when it is time, and if they need it, letting the bottom ones go another week or two.


Went in my grow hub this morning to find a bunch of dead and dying gnats on the floor around my plant. I have been letting my soil dry out really good, so I am not sure what is going on. I am going to get a new prescription for my glasses because I don’t know how I could not see them if they were there…I did the peroxide/water treatment, and have ordered some neem oil. I cleaned out my hub really well too, and did not have any yellow stickies, so I made some. I don’t know if they will work- I had yellow paper I cut into squares,and I put package tape with the sticky side out covering the yellow paper, and used paper clips to stick them in the soil. I will let you know if they work or not, lol.
My two new girls are across the room, in a separate area…I wanted to deep water them, but decided to wait until next grow for that. Hope Greeny can hurry up a little…for an auto, this is turning into a pretty long grow I am around day 100 now. . Will post new pics in a few days- I want to be able to identify the changes easily in pics.
Also, I ordered a dehumidifier that should be here by this coming Sat. It so humid, I wish I had a little of the northern chill to relax in.


The gnats are unbelievable!!!How could I not see anything, then for the past two days, be fighting the most unbelievable infestation! I am not exaggerating, there are tens of thousands of these little suckers trying to suck the life force from my plant. Yesterday morning, as stated in the previous post, I cleaned everything, and treated the soil with a peroxide/water treatment.There are fans constantly blowing in the hub. I woke this morning to find even more dead and dying gnats all over the floor,(had to be ten thousand(how is it possible?) and climbing out of and on top of the soil. I have been cleaning since I woke up, and trying to help my poor Greeny. I ran out and got a neem oil treatment spray from the store(i ordered some, but was not waiting!). I scooped up a lot of the top layers of soil, put down DE again, after spraying the neem. The number of these things has me thinking they must have been eating at my plants root system…but how could I not see them??? I am worried about Greeny, what is going to happen to her? I took one pic of a pile of these little suckers, but have not checked it it even came out. Does anybody have any suggestions for me?


Oh my goodness. That is how these infestations seem to strike though. Before mine went into flower I thought I saw a gnat and inundated my plants and soil with DE and never saw anything else going on in spite of inspecting everything daily. Next thing I know I have spider mites, millions it seemed eating away at my 2 WWs and 1 Gold leaf. Had to harvest those fast. The WW is ok, the Gold Leaf is a waste. I have 3 plants left which I sprayed with Azamax last Monday and haven’t seen any mites, the plants are doing so so. I sprayed them again today, a week later to make sure the problem is taken care of.


wow FreakyDeekie, I am in shock over this. I was reading about the spider mites just today. This is a total suck fest…I hope my girl can finish before these things take her.

Mosquito dunks for fungus gnats?

Good luck! Judging from your post you know what’s up, but I would invest in a pack of fly-paper strips. I think they have an attractant for the buggers as well as being sticky (unlike tape)


Also, cut up some potatoes and put all around the top layer of your soil. The larva will be attracted to them and it will take multiple times to get them all so change them out frequently. :+1:


Also - FLUSH and think about something to help your roots. My first grow had an infestation, and though they survived, they had a root-ball the size of a baseball, with almost no smaller roots left.


@Whodat66, do you have any suggestions for what I can give to help the roots? I looked in the lowes garden place but didn’t see anything.


Thanks @MattyBear, I read about the potatoes, but forgot to get some. Tomorrow I will.


I know that the “good buggies” can help build the root system. I can’t spell it off hand but the brand name I got was Mike-O’Rizeys. Good bacteria and junk.

But this is stuff to be mixed into the soil, so I would wait until all the bad guys are gone.


Looks good man! I haven’t been around too much because of my own infestation. Gotta nip that in the bud as quick as possible. No pun.

I’m interested to hear about the potatoes.


@Whodat66 suggestion of fly strips are good. Add DE earth and neem oil, you should be on top of it all.


I will know in the morning how all the gnat treatments went, but I don’t think they stand a chance against the Mosquito Bits if they survived everything else. I have acquired a few nice products for my mj grow kit. I will feel more prepared with my two new girls. Anyway, back to Greeny; she is getting close my friends. She has a lot more brown pistils than her pics show, and I see cloudy shroom heads all around.


WOW @Tr33 Greenie sure has taken off!! Looking pretty darn good, all things considered


Thanks @FreakyDeekie. There were a small number of gnats this morning, but nothing like before. I sing her the song, “you gotta fight for your right to party” and talk to her every day. She is a nice sized plant; I am thinking the gnats have slowed her some, but she is still very awesome. She wound up in a five gallon bucket, and I think this was a good thing because she has a big root system; if she had a small root system, that many gnats might have killed her. I think the soil I bought for her last pot upgrade was where the gnats started…but I still can’t understand how I missed it. I have my two new girls in my bathroom until Greenie is done.


Anybody know if you put the cut side of the potatoes facing the soil, or does it go on its side for gnat collection? There were two different kinds of gnats during this grow. The ones I had before were not the kind that gets into the soil. Those just were annoying, flying in the air kind of curved gnats. The fungus gnats I have now are smaller. I did not know there was a difference until this beak-out. Why do the show up in the morn after lights off too? I only have a couple weeks left, so if I can keep them down to a few, we will be OK. I am thinking to give her one more good feeding and then start her on just water for the next two weeks and then…greenie will be harvested :frowning_face: :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Put the cut side down. If you slice it up more than once then most of the slices will be skinless and it won’t matter which side you put down



I thin she is about ready…what say ye?
I think I’ll snag a small bud and give it a quick dry just to see where it is at. I think two more weeks will be too long.