Beginner flushing help!


I just used sledgehammer mixed 2 tsp and boomerang 4 tsp in a gallon of water with a ph 6.5 to flush a 3 gallon pot. Did I do this right or do I need 3 gallons to flush with? Also how long do I wait before giving nutes again? Thank you


Sounds like a good question for the manufacturer. Have you contacted them?


When I use these products I , mix 2 tsp sledgehammer ph to 6.5 for soil and run 1-3 gals threw a 3 gal smart pot. Check ph run off. If all is ok after the soil drys out I use 1-2 tsp boomerang ( depending on plant size) . Water then 1/2 or even normal nutes.

Ok why use only 1 gal in a 3 gal pot. This is for the normal 3 week flush recommend by fox farm.
If my plants are showing signs of problems them I flush at 3 times the pot size with sledgehammer and ph to 6.5

IMO mixing sledgehammer and boomerang makes no sense as sledgehammer should be canceling out any thing added to it.

I count the flush as a watering as it washes away all other nutes, boomerang is a nute with extra stuff in it kind of a booster shot.

I hope this helps if you have any more questions on fox farm soil or liquid nutes let me know I’ll help if I can.

Good luck and happy growing


Hope this helps


@Wishingilivedina420state thanks for the input. I was reading online about sledgehammer and boomerang. Kinda got some confused about the flush process. But I got a good understanding about it now. Use sledgehammer on a regular water day to flush and on next feeding day use boomerang with 1/2 strength nutes, and always be sure to ph accordingly.


@TDubWilly, @Fever thanks also for the info!!!


You’ll want to run one gallon of sledgehammer and ph water let sit for 20-30 minuets
Then flush the pit with 2 gals of ph water to rinse it all out
You need to let the sledgehammer sit to break up the salt and deposits @TDubWilly