Beginner First Grow: Candy Kush Support

Hey brother @Stvzie imo, im still learning myself too but i know your feeding way to much for a young plant. Just give plain ph water for a couple weeks for now until your ppm run off drops and also you have your light to close to your babys. Raise your light up to 12 inches to 18inches. Your temps are really high also, try 1 150w cfl for now until your babys get to like 6-8 inches tall an have some new growth an then add your leds or other cfls. I would mist them also with ph water a couple times a day until some new growth shows. Try that an see how they do for a week. Just tryin to help you out brother. Id hate to see you loose your babys man. Good luck bro :v::seedling:

You don’t want ANY nutes until your plant is a foot high, with the hot soil you have. If you haven’t already, you really should pick up a ph measuring kit (digital or liquid) and start watering at a known 6.5 ph. You are doing the right thing to try to get the temps down IMO.

Are there signs of over watering? As @Stvzie said: at this point a spray bottle of ph 6.5 water a couple of times per day is plenty.

You’re in the right place to get advice. Welcome!

Hi everyone, thanks for the advice.:grin:
So no longer using nutrients, using PH water that’s near 6.5 - 6.0, and am going to stop water as much. Maybe just misting couple times a day. Have also raised LED light to about 14" from plants. Will update in a few days/upload pics

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So my baby girls haven’t been growing much at all and still have leaves turning yellow, drying up and dropping off. Today I went and purchased a bag of Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil and have transplanted both girls into 3 gallon cloth planters. Hopefully in a few days I will start seeing improvements :rofl:


So its been a week since transplanting to new soil/smartpots. My baby girls are looking much better now. I’m going to wait a few more days before I attempt any sort of nutrient feedings. Temps have been running extremely high during the day with the lights (+95 - 100)degrees and humidity is under 30% during the day. Have been misting plants 2 -3 times a day. Have included couple pics


The heat wont be a issue if you can get that RH up above 60%. I battled temps like that all summer long.


Put a clear 2 liter soda bottle over your plants with a few holes poked in it and they’ll love you for it.

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Hi, Happy Labor Day. It’s been 22 days since my babies were transplanted into the FF soil. Think their looking good. The girls have been feed several times now with FF Big Grow nutrients using a alternating schedule of PH’ed water and then FF Big Grow nutrients. Have also been misting the plants 2 - 3 times a day.

Have been anxiously checking for preflowers past week, have been worried that stress from the early nutrient burns/heat might have caused the girls to go male/hermy on me!!! Havn’t seen anything that looks like balls yet. :worried: Today I saw my first preflower pistils on the baby girls. :grinning: I’m going to continue with the FF Big Grow for another week. Hoping to start seeing a lot more preflowers/pistils. The seed bank I purchased from states that these Candy Kush autos should complete in about 70 days. I think its going to take longer.

Candy Kush 9_3_17
Candy Kush_9_3_17


So its been another week and have contined to see preflowers/pistils growing. Have switched the lighting to 4 23 watt 2700 K CFL’s. Briefly tried using 6 23 watt CFL lights but quickly backed down to the 4 lights due to temps over 100 F. Have continued with FF Big Grow Nutrients and on Sunday I started feeding with FF Big Bloom. Have been alternating watering with nutrients and straight ph’ed water. Am also continuing with folier misting of the plants with a weaker solution of ph’ed water and FF Big Grow, but am considering stopping that as the flowers continue to grow.

Candy Kush 9_11_17

Candy Kush_9_11_17


At what strength are you using grow big? That’s a strong nute. Fox farm makes a foliar spray called flowers kiss , it’s a lot better to use trust me I use the whole fox farm liquid nute line . Yes it can be used that way but must be very careful. 1/2 tsp per gal water ever other week. I would suggest that you use big Bloom at 1 tsp per gal water every week. It’s a lot more forgiving.


The plants look pretty good you’ve come a long way. I was thinking of getting some candy kush seeds for my next run. Interested on how it all turns out. :+1:

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I totally agree with @Wishingilivedina420state
Be careful with the Grow Big, its really strong stuff. I also use the FF nutes.


I’ve been using 1 Tbsp per 1 gallon of water of FF Big Grow past couple weeks, and about 1/2 Tbsp of the FF Big Bloom added to the same mix as of Sunday. As I see the buds develop more may cut back on the Big Grow and increase the Big Bloom mix. I am still alternating with pH’ed water and the nutrient mix. about everyother day.

If your in flower you should stop the folier feeding

Hi, My girls have contined to grow and can see multiple baby buds starting to grow. Also seem to have had streching occurrring but have read thats kind of normal during early flowering stages. Unfortunatly, that has resulted in the grow running out of room at the top where the CFL lights are and I have had to introduce some bondage (LST). I had considered doing some topping but decided against in favor of LST . I also performed some light Lollypopping on the bottom 1/3 of plant in attempt to direct bud growth to more dominant buds at the top.

The seed bank where seeds were purchased indicate grow time to completion is 65 - 70 days. If I discount the first 2 weeks when I was using a “hot” soil mix and did not have much growth, I can expect to have another 4 -5 weeks flowering before harvest. I expect by that time to have beccome an expert on LSTing the girls.

Candy Kush 9_18-17 Before LST_Lollypopping

Candy Kush 9_20_17 LST2

Candy Kush 9_20_17 LST


Looking good :blush:

I have continued to have to perform more LST on the girls as some of the other branches are growing taller and getting closer to the CFL lights. Buds are growing larger although I don’t think I am going to have all that much of harvest. I also think I am having some cal/mag issues as I have been seeing a lot of yellowing of the lower leaves (have been using purfied RO water). But this is my first grow and has been a excellent learning process. I will be able to apply what I learned on this grow to my next grow.


Continuing to water every other day and am alternating with plain RO water and then with nutrients. Current nutrient mix is 1 tbls Big Grow, 3 tbls Big Bloom, and about a teaspoon ov Epsom Salt in attempt to add some Magnesium to the girls. Bottom 1/3 of plant is now mostly bare as most of the leaves yellowed/dried out. They may not have been getting much light and I still suspect a cal/mag deficiency. My next grow will definitely include cal/mag supplement and am considering following a Fox Farms Feeding schedule I found online. Buds are getting larger and maybe have another 2 weeks to go at which point I will maybe begin flushing for a week,depending on the color of the pistils.
Have uploaded some more pics.

Candy Kush Bud 3 10_5_17

Candy Kush_Bud 10_7_17

Candy Kush Bud 2 10_5_17

Candy Kush LST_Bud 10_7_17

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Hi, so last night I harvested my 2 girls. First plant gave 2.9 oz /83 G after trimming the buds. Have the buds drying now. Will let dry for about 7 days or so and then transfer to glass jars to begin curing process. Planning on trying first smoke on Thanksgiving Day. 2nd plant buds were airy, and very small. Didn’t consider worth the effort to try and trim the buds so the plant was stripped and will be used to make butter later this weekend. The butter will be used to make something; maybe brownies? Should give me an indication on potency of the plants.
Inspection of the plant roots showed well devolved root system, did not look like roots were compacted or root-bound. The 3-gallon live plant pots worked well. Have some 5-gallon live planters that will used on my next grow.

Grow Conclusion
This was my first grow which also was a learning process.

  1. Don’t start seedlings using a lot of nutrients/ hot soil; their very easy to burn. (now using Fox Farms Happy Frog soil)
  2. Avoid overwatering.
  3. I have a small grow space, attempting to grow 2 plants caused some serious overcrowding and impacted overall health of the plants/yield. Will only grow 1 plant in that current grow box. Do have another desk cabinet that I am considering on converting.
  4. Invest in a TDS meter to monitor PH runoff.
  5. Invest in some more nutrients (Fox Farms Grow Schedule) and equipment, ie: digital microscope (jeweler’s loupe was hard to use) larger intake/outtake fans, (avg. temps were close to 100 degrees during the day)

Will be germinating some Barney’s Farm Feminized Acapulco Gold seeds next week and will hopefully be able to apply what I have learned to this new exciting grow and am expecting much better results.

Happy Growing :sparkler:

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Hi Stvzie,

how long did it take for your harvest?